The World’s 10 Most Beautiful Bicycles of 2015

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Promoting Bike – Clean & Efficient Substitute to Automobile

Across the globe, biking enthusiast as well as the government is looking forward for means of making urban environments which for over a century have been designed to keep the motorist happy, friendlier towards the pedal pushers. Promoting the bike as a means of cleanand efficient substitute to the automobile is a useful way for cities in reducing pollution and traffic congestion.

To ease out this issue together with the climate changes and emerging obesity epidemic, government and advocacy groups have been working in bringing cycling back in the urban transport zone. Car-clogged Paris is heading in implementing a 150m-euro plan in making the French city, the world capital of cycling by 2020.

Each year, cyclists will now see arrival of various new models, from bare bones beach cruisers to composite framed pedal electric bikes which would be costing as much as a car. According to the Earth Policy Institute, it is an independent non-profit environmental organization, a US based environment support group.

Bicycles – Lightweight/Advanced Safety/Comfort Features

Founded by Lester R. Brown in 2001, it functions as an environmental think-tank providing analysis and research on environmental indicators as well as making policy and lifestyle recommendation focused on promoting environmental and economic sustainability. Bicycle production had multiplied between 1950 and 2007.

Car production during the same period merely doubled and it is a tendency which continues till day, enhanced by the rise in fuel prices together with urban overcrowding. Bicycles have enjoyed recovery due to the availability of lightweight materials, with advanced safety and comfort features together with electric motor assisted systems. Custom shops, small manufacturers and independent designers are reinventing two wheelers, with cutting edge shapes and technologies for the comfort of the individuals.

Some of the World’s 10 most beautiful bicycles of 2015 –

  1. BSG Wood.b Duomatic – is made of plywood and aluminium. It is called `closer to art than machinery’ by the BBC Autos editors. Wood bicycles seems to be frenzy presently since wood tends to have the beauty of a junior high wood-shop project
  2. Pashley Parabike – is classic and based on the old BSA paratrooper bikes which had been used by British soldiers during WWII, this version keeps the bowed multi tubed frame though lacks the folding frame of the true paratrooper bikes.
  3. Vanmoof S Series – could work for modern architecture. The oversized top tube that intersects the seat and head tubes completely controls the look of the bike which some claim it to be the ultimate urban commuter bike.
  4. The Donky Bike – has 20in. wheels and cargo platforms front and rear and is supposed to be a compact substitute to much larger cargo bikes, potentially quite useful for some though not so beautiful.
  5. Viks Urban Cycle – has been designed by Estonia’s Velonia studio and is described as industrial minimalist, from its seat tube less frame design. The shape has been formed out of two large steel tubes which join together at the head tube. With the extra wheel, following curve at the down tube, it looks like it has been made up for what weight it could have lost with the absence of a seat tube which simultaneously reduces the structural integrity. As per the designers, the brakes tend to be tricky to fit.
  6. GreenChamp Original – is made in Singapore from bamboo, technically grass and not wood. It is a balance bike meant for teaching kids to ride. It is called `a triumph of design’ by the BBC Autos editors.
  7. Cherubim Hummingbird – is beautiful from the functional standpoint and is a ride able art, with emphasis more on `art’ than ride able. Its arching top tube which tends to blend in the handlebars stem, visually and not physically, continues out over the back wheel.
  8. Faraday Porteur – is from Portland Oregon and is an electric assist bike with hub motor having batteries packed into the frame tubes, offering up to 15 miles of electric assist.It’s looks has industrial functionality which makes it appear better than most of the other bikes.
  9. Engeenius Cykno –is made in Italy and resembles more of vintage motorcycles than bicycles. The forks and the radial spoked wheels are carbon fibre, weighing 57 lbs. Its 500 watt motor and battery pack which is tucked in the leather wrapped central compartment give a 37 mile range and is prices for about $22,000.World_Bicycle_Relief_Buffalo
  10. World Bicycle Relief Buffalo is beautiful for what it does or what it represents rather than how it looks. Though not much of a difference from a typical utility bicycle, it is designed to provide relief in Africa. The U.S. based charity World Bicycle Relief provides bikes to various facilities in many African countries where they are gathered by local workers and donated to several organizations or sold at cheaper rates to those in need of them for the purpose of transport.


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