What is Matter Casting & How It Differ from AirPlay or Chromecast?

What is Matter Casting
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After the launch of the AirPlay and Chromecast into the market, taking the image to television from a phone without cables became easier. But now, a new player has come into the market, a new alternative to AirPlay and Chromecast. This technology, called matter casting, was announced at CES 2024 on Jan 9, 2024. It is a protocol supported in Fire TV and Echo Show 15 devices. It allows you to cast content directly from all the compatible apps on iOS and Android.

What is Matter Casting?

Matter casting is a protocol allowing devices to cast different services onto devices. If you used Chromecast or Airplay earlier, you must know how casting works. This solution of Matter is actually an open protocol that lets devices control displays.

It can replace proprietary casting solutions from Google and Apple and allows you to use one open system with the help of which you are capable of casting to their devices. Using Matter’s solution, it is possible to control the core functions of the TV. For example, you can change channels, volume, controls, etc, and switch between HDMI ports. It indicates that after developers and service providers will hop on board and implement this in the apps, it will be supported in Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, etc.

Currently, devices that support matter casting are the Echo Show 15 and Fire TV. These can receive the image from the Prime Video app directly. Also, soon, these will receive the image from Plex, STARZ, Pluto TV, Sling TV, and ZDF.

Does It Only Work With Fire TV Devices?

People could first assume that this protocol would reach only Amazon devices, which may leave the idea at the same level as AirPlay and Chromecast. You should know that matter casting is an open technology standard. Therefore, it might take time before any manufacturer adds this to their devices. As the open standard is easy to implement, the aim is to make the image-sharing options available on as many devices as possible. The feature will be available immediately to all manufacturers who have Fire TV-based platforms. But if essential, they would integrate the protocol into the platform.

The Growth of Matter:

The communication protocol makes everything simplified and it is growing continuously with the incorporation of matter casting that helps to expand the possibilities much more. With televisions and interconnected devices, picture sending can be one more function of a whole ecosystem that is managed from the same base without imposing which platform or device is used.

Debut of Matter Casting By Amazon:

With the help of the latest tool of Amazon, viewers are able to cast content to their devices from different streaming apps powered by Google and Apple. Amazon rolled out Matter Casting in Las Vegas at the CES or Consumer Electronics Show event. The company has said that people are able to view a movie from Prime Video on their smartphones. Then, they will be able to cast the content to the supported Fire TV device or Echo Show 15.

In the upcoming months, it is expected that matter casting will be compatible with Fire TV devices. Amazon said that they are working with Plex, Pluto TV, Sling TV, STARZ, and ZDF so that it can add matter casting support to them soon this year.

How Does Matter Casting Work?

The first thing required in Matter casting is a Fire TV or Echo Show 15, along with a tablet or a smartphone. Besides, you need to have the Prime Video app on your phone as it is the only compatible streaming platform currently. Hence, your task is to sign in to the account you have on Amazon Prime Video on these devices and ensure that their connection is with the same Wi-Fi network.

Ready to Cast:

Now, your task is to open the Prime Video app on the phone. Next, tapping on the “cast” icon is your job. After that, you have to select the TV you have from the list containing the names of TVs. As soon as the “Ready to cast” message appears, it is possible to start streaming your preferred Prime video. You can see this appearing immediately on your TV.

Matter Casting vs Google Chromecast:

Chromecast refers to a proprietary casting system that different streaming apps and services support. All TVs are not compatible with the feature. However, Samsung is popular for limiting Chromecast on the available devices. All the compatible apps and devices can get seamless integration by Chromecast. It can deliver the same performance across different types of products. Besides, it is required to be implemented on a devices-and-app basis. So, it becomes more complicated to support. You can find the same thing happening with Apple’s AirPlay feature.

It is possible to build both casting services into products. However, as a developer, you can get an easier solution from Matter Casting while implementing the system. Also, it offers the same advantages and is more secure than the casting standards that exist already.

Like Chromecast, this casting solution has also become a new standard. As a result, smart speakers, smart assistants and different smart devices begin to be compatible with each other. Also, the devices allow them to communicate with it. Remember that an open platform is beneficial for all customers. The reason is that they do not have to purchase certain hardware from manufacturers. For customers, it is a major benefit.

Can You Use Matter Casting Now?

While this standard is available now with Echo Show 15 and Amazon Prime app, it will later be available on many FireTV devices.

Can Existing TVs And Devices Support The Standard?

No extra hardware is essential for Matter. The devices that exist already are capable of getting the support of Matter with a software update from manufacturers. Amazon has adopted the technology the most. It has collaborated with different platforms mentioned earlier. The company is trying to incorporate the standard later in 2024.

A Hassle-free Experience From This Open-standard Model:

Imagine, all the streaming services, apps and manufacturers are using a common protocol. Tablets, smart devices, and smart displays are communicating with each other without any virtual borders. It is one of the benefits that Matter casting is surely going to provide.

Just like Matter as well as other open standards that are applied to smart home products, the new standard will permit you to cast your screen onto any type of device and you do not need to worry about its compatibility. In order to use and control the device, as a user, you can use one single app. You do not need to download another application whenever you want to switch between devices.

It has been a long time since Amazon continues to support Matter Casting. Currently, according to the company, matter casting is available to the Amazon Fire TV and Echo Show 15 devices. Therefore, you, as a customer, get more options to choose over the available devices used in the homes. These changes let you cast your content to these devices on Android and iOS from the compatible streaming apps.

Always remember that to implement a new open-source standard, you will need time. You won’t see the technology being adopted by manufacturers overnight. Apps and services will take time to adopt it.

Is Matter Casting Widely Available Yet?

Matter casting is not like Chromecast and Airplay because this standard is open. Besides, it is available for free to the manufacturers to implement this in various products. As this standard is recently launched, you will not find this available on a lot of products. Amazon is the company that gave funds to develop this standard. In the upcoming months, it is expected to see the firmware update for Fire TVs. The time it will require might be at least some more months until other developers include this technology in their devices.

The Bottom Line:

In this article, we have discussed Matter casting, like what it is, how it works, which devices are supported by it, etc. Although matter casting is currently available on Amazon Echo Show 15 and Amazon Prime app, you can expect this to be available on many FireTV devices soon.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which devices are compatible with Matter Casting?

Matter casting supports the latest Android or iOS versions of tablets or smartphones. But at present, the list of the supported displays is limited.

  1. How do you use matter casting?

Just like you use Chromecast, you need to use Matter Casting in a similar way. If the mobile app is compatible with casting, you will get to see a Cast icon on the screen. Then, you need to tap on it so that you can get the list of TVs to play on. As soon as the phone and TV will bs connected, the video you will choos on the phone will start playing on the television.

  1. What does Matter mean on TV?

It indicates a connectivity standard that can be used for smart home and IoT devices.

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