WOWee One Slim : Gadget Review

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WOWee One Slim Bluetooth Speaker Offers More Advantages to the Users

Avid music lovers usually find their Smartphones and laptops speaker quite inadequate to provide a memorable music experience. WOWee One Slim Bluetooth speakers come as a rescue to all those who wish to get much more happening music listening experience. It is extremely compact small and portable in nature. It is great at producing clear, rich and better sound with great control and bass. Its sound quality is at par to some of the distinguished audio products available in the market.

Features And Specifications Of The WOWee One Slim

WOWee One Slim is highly portable and weighs just around 120 gm which makes it easier to carry around. It is highly compatible with a wide range of devices from Apple products like iPod, iPad to android Smartphones and laptops as well as computers. It comes with the standard 3.5 mm audio jack and offers a stunning run time of 10 hours.

WOWee has become widely popular due its unique speaker technology which allows the users to experiment on a variety of surfaces for discovering different depth of music. It can actively produce varying kinds of sound on different surfaces. A gel pad is placed at the bottom of speaker which makes this possible. Therefore it is vital to keep it in a carrying case otherwise it will attract a lot of dust.

Turn Any Surface into a Sub Woofer

WOWee One Slim Bluetooth speakers is widely known for its trademark feature of transforming the surfaces where it is placed as a makeshift subwoofer. Its slim portable speaker has the ability to deliver a full range of frequency response to enhance the music rendering in the surrounding. If this speaker is placed on a wooden table, it produces rich and warm sound while on a glass surface it fills the whole room with shrilling music. To get most of it place it by the plaster wall and it will produce strong, thumping and booming bass.

Better Playtime and Easier Charging Options

As a portable speaker it is necessary to provide an adequate run time and WOWee doesn’t disappoint in that area. It can be easily charged via mini USB port or through the power adapter and it gives 10 hours of playtime on full charge.

WOWee has made a slight feature enhancement with One Slim in form of a battery indicator. A LED has been placed on the speaker which shines green whenever the power reaches the level of 10 percent or below. This feature gives a warning beforehand to the users and it saves them from the trouble of sudden blackout while listening to music.

WOWee One Slim: An Ideal Choice For Every Music Lover

WoWee One Slim has shown to produce excellent and amazing quality of sound on varied surface. It is available in two standard colors of black and white which can easily go with your phone and laptop and other accessories. It is prices quite genuinely at just $80 but in the online sphere with a little bit of research users can get it for as less as $50.


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