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At one point of time when I was kid, I used to play video games on the television sets and the pixilated versions of the games were awfully good. Then came the era of computer games. Be it project IGI or Max Payne, we used to play them and we used to wait for our turn. With the increasing time, games via LAN connections became popular and now of all, a whole new interface YouTube Gaming has been devised by Google so as to have a bum with twitch.

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After the twitch coming with the online gaming portals with live streaming, it is the Google which is getting everything done so as to create a wonderful gaming experience. This summer, get ready for power packed online gaming with streaming with YouTube called YouTube Gaming.

The site is here to stay as because they have created a lively interface for online streaming and games with an additional chatting feature. This portal of Google will only concentrate on games and will be launched in the United Kingdom and the United States of America by the end of this summer.

It has got nothing to do with the YouTube interface and provides a brand new interface for the gamers which is very much different from the YouTube user interface. YouTube does not actually streams live gaming, but mixes the live and the recorded streaming to badge it as live.

The opening page of the site is marvelous. To the right are your favorite streamers and to the left there are your favorite games. YouTube Gaming would be available to the gamers having tablets and phones as well and the resolution would be managed accordingly by the interface. So there won’t be any doubt of availability of the YouTube games on your preferred device.

You_Tube_GamingFrom music videos to movies, from songs to cookery shows from anything to everything entertaining, YouTube was there. And after all this time out, YouTube is offering the best possible gaming experience with built up live streaming and chat options for the gamers.

No more LAN required to play the strategy games on your PC, tablets and phones. If you even type “call”, the game call of duty would appear on your screen. If you click on that, the next page will have a huge photograph of the game and the list of videos and streamers from whom you can choose from so as to play the game undisturbed.

YouTube with its Add-to-list Option

You will also find the add to list options so as to give you an easier access to your favorite games. With the additional facility of getting notified by the selected streamers is also introduced and they will notify you when a new live stream is available. A list of around 25000 games is available from which you can choose from. The new aspiring gamers will have a brand new and an exciting world of their own where they would eat games, smell games, play games and live games.

So, get ready for a whole new experience of online live streaming games on your devices with mind blowing interface and easy connection process.


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