10 Most Expensive Android Apps and Games

Most Expensive Android Apps G-CORE Green Caddy Golf Korea
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Are you striving to have a look at the most expensive android apps and games? If you are the one, then I will let you know about them in this post.

Usually, lots of people won’t believe that apps are worth their price tags. They just think that way because they don’t know the time and effort developers will keep while making those apps.

Generally, developers work on the app stuff, but more than that, there’s a point that people never discuss when it comes to prices of the app. This point refers to every app which you will find on this list.

As these apps and games on this list post are quite expensive, we never recommend them to anyone. But, to be frank, talking about these apps is a fun element.

Whenever we see the price of $5 -$10 a game or an app, we will not complain about it as it was a normal price. Here we’re referring to the other apps that charge too much money. Now, in this post, you will not see that range you will see the most expensive Android apps and games.

These most expensive Android apps and Android games are actually on the Google Play store. So, let’s explore the most expensive Android games and apps and find out whether it is too heavy or its perfect price tag.

10 Most Expensive Android Apps and Games:

We have listed all the most expensive Android Apps and Games in this list. We don’t want to mention whether it’s worth or not because you can know about it by features itself.

Most Expensive Android Apps -Ngajirim:

Price: $359.99.

This  Ngajirim is the most expensive android apps in play store. Ngajirm is a costliest piece of digital artwork. As it’s a paid app it has no ads and it works perfectly offline.  When you open the app you will just see a piece of digital artwork there you have to hit a blue button and then you can see the painting. This app was created by Juna Firmansyah and its a handy creation created by finger artist.

Most Expensive Android Apps -Ngajirim

This app is actually the symbol of status. That’s it nothing more than that. There is no comparison between this app and other expensive apps in this list as they have some use this app has nothing but its too costly. Practically speaking, there is no use in buying this app at the expensive price tag of $359.99.


  • This app has nothing on it but just a digital art.

Summary: This app is definitely not worth its price and it’s way too expensive app. The funny thing is this app has no installs but still it exists in play store for that price tag. Maybe developer is too egoistic to change its price.

5-Minute Sports Medicine:

Price: $99.99.

5-Minute Sports Medicine is one of the most expensive Android App. It’s actually, is an educational app that has information on sports medicine.

This app has around  280 topics with ICD-9 codes, SNOMED codes, but the present trend is ICD-10 codes which you will not get in this app. The best part is 280 topics are arranged adequately in proven 5-mins format. So, it is helpful to diagnose, treat and monitor sports-related problems.

Information & UI of this app is out of date. Although it has updated its app on Jan 2019, still it is not having the latest content. Doctors have written these topics in the app, that’s why its most expensive Android App. Maybe, in this digitized world, paying this much price for this app is not worthy.

Features of this App:

  • 280- Sport health-related topics.
  • ICD-9 Codes but the present trend is 1CD-10.

Summary: If you’re a doctor, primary care physician, nurse practitioners, athletic trainers and orthopedists, then you can try it out if are eager to check it. Or else you can get that information in other sites mostly for free.

Bonney’s Gyn. Surgery, 11th Edition:

Price: $147.79.

If you’re searching for the expensive Android apps and games, you will see Bonney’s Gyn Surgery on the list. This is an excellent app that covers gynecological surgery methods, and it’s pretty much similar to the textbook.

Bonney's Gyn. Surgery, 11th Edition

The real doctor wrote this app information. It has all the information that can help doctors to do surgical procedures. Although this app has useful information, but you can get that in other textbooks and materials. So, buying that app at $147.49 or INR 9130 is not the ideal thing as this app is not updated since January 2017.


  • This app has an old user interface and hard to adapt for regular users.
  • It provides information on reconstructive surgery, anesthesia, and another process.
  • This app focuses on commonly performed procedures.
  • Share information of Urogynaecology, Gynaecological oncology, and so on.

Summary: If you’re striving to find out the process of Gynaecological surgeries in an app? Then you can buy this app. But, in this digitized world, you really don’t have to pay that much amount to check out the process. Think and take a wise decisions, we’re not opposing you to buy or supporting either.

Dr. Web Security Space Life:

10 Most Expensive Android Apps and Games

10 Most Expensive Android Apps and Games

Price: $89.

Dr. Web Security Space is not a medical app; It’s an antivirus app. This app usually offers some useful features, but its price is far higher than regular Antivirus Apps. Actually, it’s expensive because of its one-time fees. Often, Antivirus apps dont have a one-time subscription fee. They generally have a yearly or monthly subscription, but in this Antivirus its one time fees, and you can get that app for a lifetime.

So, a comparatively one-time payment is better than the monthly or yearly fees. This can save you money, but this happens only when you opt for that Antivirus for longer periods. Features wise, this app is perfect, but performance-wise this app will perform well but not great.


  • It has a full file system scanning feature.
  • Real-time scanning and unlocking of data from Trojans and ransomware.
  • Traffic saving and virus database updates.
  • URL filter will help you restrict access to internet resources, blocking websites, and so on.
  • Blocking access to applications and password protections.

Summary: When you have a look at the one-time price, it looks the right choice for users who are opting for a long time Antivirus subscription. It’s your choice as its having a bigger price tag i have mentioned that in this list of most expensive Android apps and games.

Most Expensive Android Apps Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics:

Most Expensive Android Apps Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics

Price: $143.99.

Nelson Textbook of Pediatrics is yet another expensive android app you can find on Google Play Store. Generally, most people dont know about the pattern developing, but in this first textbook of pediatrics, it’s covered.

This textbook is primarily for pediatrics students. Nelson app is having lots of information which was written by real doctors. As doctors write it, they will try to empty your wallet with this price.

Practically, speaking this book has loads of information which is used for jr doctors or students. Other than that, it’s not useful for any of the regular users. So, ordinary users can skip this app and search for other exciting apps.


  • This app is having lots of information about pediatrics.
  • You can find a complete set of medical calculators, peak expiatory flows, correction calculators, and more.
  • You can check out the HD pictures in this Application.

Summary: If you’re a doctor or keen to become a doctor, then obviously this is useful. You can’t get this information elsewhere than your college. If you are a doctor who is striving to know about pediatrics, then you should buy this expensive android app.


Zollinger’s Atlas of Surgical Operations, 10/E:

Price: $249.99.

Zollinger’s Atlas is yet another most expensive android apps and games in 2020. This app is specially designed for the surgeons, so its cost is higher. It’s an educational app, which covers the classic surgical Atlas.

This app is the tenth Edition which has all the information about the traditional surgical procedures and even covered established techniques. The app is quite easy to navigate and allows you to browse the data correctly. It also has the suggestion tool, which suggests the text you type.


  • This app has all the information of the surgical operations.
  • Easy to use this app and navigate.
  • It covers all the elements of surgical operations.

Summary: This app is specially designed for the surgeons, so if you are a surgeon, it’s useful for you. As its expensive android app, i have mentioned this in this post.

The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine:

The Color Atlas of Internal Medicine

Price:  $129.99.

The Color Atlas is another most expensive android apps in 2020. This is yet another education app for medical students. Doctors write the Color Atlas, so its price is too high then other apps.

It covers lots of information such as internal medicine and more, along with that, it works both on tablets and phones. Like all the other apps, this app is listed at a higher price of $129.99. If you’re a medical student, then you can try out this app.


  • This book covers the 200 medical chapters.
  • It has the patient story, epidemiology, Pathophysiology.
  • Along with that, its having Diagnosis, prognosis, and more information.

Summary: Even for the doctors and medical students, its price tag is too hefty. If you can afford it, then you can use this app, or else you can search for an alternative way.

Most Expensive Android Apps and  Ball Games- Jahaa:

Price: $274.99 — $339.99.

Jahaa is one of the most expensive android games in the google play store. It’s a casual game, but it’s addictive with a small twist. This game was launched as the Most costly ball game, and then it has started its other sequel ball games.  If you are a game who loves to test games, then you have to pay the price, but frankly, it’s way too expensive to buy. That’s why you can take this game lightly.


  • Just the ball game, users have to avoid the obstacles.

Summary: This game is similar to the other bunch of free games. Dont waste a hell lot of money on this game and try its free alternatives. If you are striving to play, then it’s your wish.

G-CORE Green Caddy Golf Korea:

Most Expensive Android Apps G-CORE Green Caddy Golf Korea

G-Core Green Caddy Golf is yet another expensive app in the Google Play store. This app is a full-featured GPS golf finder app; it also has a graphical view.

As we all know, Golf is a rich man’s sport, so this app is costlier as well. In this app, you can download ten golf courses and set the target point with the position. You can use to measure and auto search feature as well.


  • Special Auto Searching, Preview course
  • You can download a course by selecting the area and location.

Summary: If you are a golf player, then you can try out this app. You dont have to think about it when you are not interested in Golf.

These are the most expensive android apps and games in 2020. I hope you like this post.

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