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How to Fix a Water Damaged Phone

How to Fix a Water Damaged Phone
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In this modern world, people love to carry their phone to all places. No matter what the situation is, most of the people do carry their phones with them. While they carry their smartphones some times, unexpected things happen such as phone dropped into water or any type of liquid. At that time, people will scream loudly.  By that time every one will have a question, How to fix a water damaged phone in  their mind. Frankly, I have faced that situation, what about you?

Most of the people might be facing this issue “dropping the phone in the water”.  For me, when I dropped my new phone into the water ” the world is frozen for a couple of seconds”. After those few seconds, I started to take the phone and want to fix the water damaged phone. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to fix a water damaged phone back then. But, right now i know how to fix a water damaged phone.

If you’re using a high-end gadget, then your loss of the device is minimum. But, if you’re using normal devices which aren’t waterproof means, I will let you know how to fix a water damaged phone in this guide.

How to Fix a Water Damaged Phone in Few Simple Steps

No matter, whether you dropped your phone in the swimming pool, toilet, or any other place. I’ll help you fix your device with some best tips on how to fix a water damaged phone.

Water Damaged Phone

Some of you might think your devices as waterproof phones and might ignore these, but these days lots of devices are not fully waterproof designs. Although it protects to some extent but it can’t protect 100%. So, it’s best to fix your water damaged device.

The best way to prevent water damage is to take some careful precautions. If you want to protect your phone from water damage, then you can use waterproof pouches and cases to be ready for unexpected situations you might face.

But, what to do if you’re too late in protecting your device.  Unexpectedly, someone pushed you in the pool, or you dropped the phone in the toilet or so on. If you face these situations, then let’s discuss how to fix a water damaged phone in this post.

Generally, nobody can give a guarantee that the device will be rescued when it already been harmed. The chances are high when the device is already damaged. But, sometimes we might be lucky and starts might be in your path at that time you can recover & Rescue the phone.

In this how to fix a water damaged phone post, I will be telling you a few essential tips to increase the probability of your phone getting it through those nightmare situations. So, let’s jump into the tips on how to fix a water damaged phone.

How to fix a water damaged phone:

What you shouldn’t do after your phone dropped in water:

Firstly let’s check out what you shouldn’t do after your phone dropped in water. Then we’ll go into what you should do to learn “ How to fix a water damaged phone”.

Check out the general aspects and Don’ts which lead to damage:

  • Never turn on your phone, as I have previously mentioned. In general, electrical components will not work well with water.
  • Never plug it in with a charger or any external device. As it works perfectly, it might damage the device.
  • Don’t press any keys because it can push water further into the phone. So, there is a change of causing more damage to the phone.
  • Never Shake or blow your device. This process can also push the water into the more in-depth sections of your phone.
  • Try to avoid hair dryers & blow dryers because there is a risk of extra corrosion which will damage the phone.
  • Never apply any heat to your device or never try microwaves and chargers. If you try, excessive heat exchange will damage your phone. In some cases, it might even blast like a pop-corn as well.
  • Don’t move or shake your phone too much if you move phone water will also flow through the phone.

What to do Right Away when your device is dropped in water:

Well, firstly, you don’t have to be panic – most of the phones & iPhone aren’t officially waterproof, but they can stand for a certain amount of water when its dropped in water. So, you have to stop panicking and start removing your phone from water.

First thing, when you see your dropped phone in water? You have to take it out and make sure your mobile is off!

I know that it’s quite hard to react quickly from the shock, but you must respond immediately, or else your phone will be harmed entirely. If you’re using iPhones or high-end devices, then you might have some time to react.

The longer your phone stays underwater, the lower its chances of survival so its best to act faster. You must jump into the pool and rescue phone, or you must take it out of the water right away even if it’s in the toilet!

Once you take your phone out of water swiftly make sure the device is switched off and stays that way. Even if everything seems fine to your eye, it’s better to shut down your device just for its safety.

  • So if your device is owned, then quickly switch off your device and take the battery out if your device supports.
  • After that, place it in a safe pace over some paper towels.
  • It’s always good to place it in a flat surface.

The best part is modern day phones are little more water-resistant even they are non-waterproof phones mainly because of its design and other functions. So, you have to follow below tips to carefully learn about how to fix a water damaged phone.

Further Steps of How to Fix a Water Damaged Phone

Quickly Dismantle the water damaged phone:

After you take a water damaged phone, you should promptly dis-assemble the phone. Don’t try to be too smart and dismantle all the internal parts. Just remove everything that user can extract.

For suppose: If you can remove your battery means take it off, similarly if you can remove the back cover means remove it, same goes with SIM card and SD card and more. If at all you cant remove battery means just remove what you can remove in the water damaged device.

After removing, put all the parts in a paper towel. Now, if you are a tech specialist and know to repair your phone and dont mind about the warranty means you can go ahead. Or else you should it’s better to not get into that part.

Keep your efforts to dry the exterior with the help of Paper Towel:

You have to keep your efforts to dry the exterior part of your phone with the help of paper towels. As your phone dropped into the water, we should get rid of all the water found on the exterior part of your phone.

Carefully, use a paper towel to dry out every part of your phone. Never mess with the phone while doing it. Gently dry everything with the help of paper towel without moving things.

If need you can try a vacuum cleaner (Never use big one):

In most cases, we can’t access all the areas of the phone with a paper towel. So, in that case, you can use a vacuum cleaner to dry your phone. Previously, i told not to blow anything into your phone, but i never asked you not to get the water out.

The vacuum cleaner can bring out all the water from the phone without too much risk. Ensure the vacuuming doesn’t move the phone excessively. Also never use big vacuum cleaners to clean the phone. You can use a small vacuum cleaner which has less pressure.

Dry your phone using the old technique:

Now, you have tried out vacuum and paper towel. It’s time for drying out your phone in the hardest way & traditional way. This way involves leaving your phone untouched for longer periods.

You can’t use your water damaged phone because you have to dry your phone to make sure every slot is dried thoroughly. If you have a spare phone, then you can use that by placing the SIM card into your phone.

Most of you might think about how to dry your cell phone out? All you have to do is just leave the phone on top of the counter or inside a drawer. Some people might try to keep it in an environment where this process eases out.

The common practice is to keep your cell phone in a bag full of rice and give some time to let it rest there for at least two to a maximum of four days. This helps your device to completely dry out( rice will  remove the excess water from the phone), and then you can use start with other processes.

Most of you might have a question running in their minds; that is why rice? Here we’re using rice mostly because of its something that’s readily available at all the homes. In general, rice is good at absorbing humidity in the air, so it makes phone’s environment drier, and hence your device will be dried.

Final Movement:

Until now, we have gone through a different process and did everything you could for a couple of days. Now, it’s time to see all your efforts paid off or not. Simple, assemble your phone and plug into to your charger and try to on your device, this is the best tips for cellphone water damage restoration.

If it works properly then it’s good news for you as you have succeeded! Just work with your device and find out it’s behaving oddly or not. At least for a couple of days and test all components such as making a call check microphone, earphone, test speakers, camera and more.

After completing all if your phone doesn’t work usually means you have to accept the defeat and take it to the professional who can recover your device. You can even claim the insurance if you have one with you. With this method, hopefully, most of you might rescue your devices. If not, you can share your problems in the comment sections.

Until now, we have seen how to fix a water damaged phone. Now, let’s check out a few tips on how to prevent water damage to your phone.

Tips to prevent water damage:

Get a water resistant Case for your phone: In this modern world, there is no such 100% waterproof cases for phones available. But you can find out lots of water resistant phones which can help you survive the drop of your phone into water. So, no harm will be done if you use water resistant cases.

Be Careful & Watchful of your surroundings: You’ll have to be mindful near the water areas or at least when you go closer to the water. Hold your phone tighter or put that in your pants pocket whenever you are walking near water surfaces.

Stop your toilet texting practice:  Dropping phone in the toilet is a common thing for lots of people. To prevent your cellphone water damage you should stop toilet text and browsing sessions.

If you can do these things at least you can prevent your phone from being dropped in water. This is all about how to fix a water damaged phone. If you want more then wait until my next article about how to fix your phone when water damaged.

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