Smart Steps to Take After You Have Lost Your Android Device

Smart Steps to Take After You Have Lost Your Android Device
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Ina busy world of running around and working at a fast pace, we forget half of the things that hold importance and value. We become absent –minded and forgetful and develop the lack of keeping a track on our essentials. Therefore, one such thing that we often lose is our android device. People have lost their phones many times and take a few wrong steps to get to the chase. Therefore, here are a few things that you need to know for when you Lost Your Android Device.

A few smart things to do When you lost your android device –

  1. Try to reach – When you see that your android device is missing, you immediately need to call and contact your number. In case it went missing by mistake or theft, you need to find that out by calling you’re and in case if the person picks up your call. This is an excellent way to see whether your phone can be procured, or you have to go for a police complaint.
  1. Use GPS and IMIE number – GPS tracking and IMEI numbers can help track your phone, and these features are available in all Android devices and they are instrumental in making sure that the GPS can be traced from where the android deviceis. Sometimes when the phone is smuggled out of the country, you can quickly figure out where it is and how you can manage to bring it back.
  1. Set up –lock screen password –Always make sure that you have set a lock screen passwords so that while the android deviceis stolen or has gone missing, no one can access the phone /android device. This is a safety measure, and you do not have to wait for your Android device to go missing to activate the lock screen password.

How to protect your Account and Data when you lost your android Phone

  1. Protect your accounts –You can protect your accounts by transferring valuable and confidential material from android device to the cloud services or the folders in your computer. If you are looking forward to a protecting your android device, then maintain a separate account to protect the materials.

  1. Wipe all the data you have –Either you can choose to wipe all the data that you have in your android device, or you may choose not to keep any data as well. Wiping all data in your android devicecan keep it secured and get you going even when you have lost your android device, or it went missing. Keeping your phones clean is a good habit, and therefore, you can be a more careful and follow the informational stuff elsewhere.
  1. Report the android device–When you have tried enough by yourself to reach for the android deviceand unable to find it, and then report your android deviceto the police station as stolen or lost. The cops or the police can look into it from then on.

The steps mentioned above are to guide you to do your things properly after you have lost your Android device. Follow them!

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  • A nice and helpful post. All phone owners should read this to protect their information in case phone is lost.