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Bluetooth sunglasses with headphones and HD camera

Written by Andy Prosper

With the Bluetooth sunglasses with headphones and HD camera, we would like to introduce you today a true multi-talent. Numerous features make the glasses an ideal companion for sporting activities such as jogging or just for hiking. What exactly the Bluetooth sunglasses still distinguish, we tell you in the following.

Often one is simply looking for sunglasses, which is suitable for the sporting everyday life and in the best case still has polarized spectacle lenses. At this point, you should already plan around 20 euros to get a good copy. They are also generally suitable for sports. But if you want to listen to music while jogging to keep yourself motivated, in-ear headphones are indispensable. Here, you should pay attention to the fact that does not fly out of your ear during sports. Now you have two devices, which you have to think of the sport – the glasses and headphones.

Bluetooth sunglasses with polarized lenses

With the sports Bluetooth sunglasses with HD camera, the manufacturer DCCN provides you with a true multi-talent and with all the components in one device for the perfect companion in everyday sports. The Bluetooth sunglasses are simply placed like any other sunglasses. Afterward, however, the flexible headphones have to be fed into the ears. You can now play music on your smartphone or alternatively receive calls. A built-in microphone allows hands-free calls during the sport – provided that you are able to do so.

The manufacturer offers different models of his sunglasses and praises them in different colors. For 39.99 euros you get for example a white version, which has polarized lenses and additionally the above-mentioned in-ear headphones. The battery of the Bluetooth sunglasses should suffice for about 8 hours of music enjoyment at 50 percent of the maximum volume. The built-in rechargeable battery is charged with MicroUSB. The price is fair.

Sports glasses with optional HD camera

If you still want a built-in camera, you have to grab something deeper into the bag and put double on the table. For around 70 euros you get a sports Bluetooth glasses with an integrated HD camera. The resolution is 1,280 x 720 pixels, thus 720p. Sufficient to achieve beautiful shots when climbing, hiking or biking. A small micro SD card (up to 32 gigabytes) saves images and videos for viewing on the computer. A hard case is supplied to keep the glasses safe.

Perfect for sports and driving: Smart Bluetooth sunglasses keep your hands free. Now, simply draw on what you see instead of holding the camera. And through the earphone, you can use numerous additional features of your smart companion wirelessly.

With Bluetooth sunglasses, you can easily pair the fashion accessory with your smartphone. You can even spice up your running training with stereo music, or you can explain your way when you drive. Even for telephoning, everything is ready: the micro is practically invisible in the right bracket.

With the Bluetooth sunglasses Camera, you can capture your personal impressions just as much as you experience them. Quite naturally, strolling over markets, hiking or at the beach. To capture the atmosphere authentically without affecting it through a visible camera. It has never been easier to show your friends what you have experienced and how you see the world!

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