Everest Elite 700 Platinum Edition Headphones: ProDigitalWeb Review

Everest Elite 700
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The Bluetooth is one of the most top-notch gadgets that is in demand these days and because of the smart look and technology fed in it, the product enables you to receive calls even if your both the hands are busy enough to not to answer calls. JBL is amongst the best companies that manufactures Bluetooth and it has agreed to the terms of providing a Platinum version of Everest Elite 700 headphone, on the occasion of JBL turning 70, after providing an unhindered service to its customers for 69 years. With this newly fed technique you can fit in your Bluetooth to the audiophiles and make your life much easier.

This Everest Elite 700 Platinum version of headphone by JBL looks spectacular with stylized design and the materials used in it are durable, which makes the product sincerely heft.

The ear-plugs are large enough that ensures proper fitting and are also attached with cushions that grants comfort to your ears. With its high defined design you will get a look that will resemble characters from the science fiction shows from the era of nineties.

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The Everest Elite 700 headphones having top notch design and technology is a bit difficult to manage. The people who have large heads might find it difficult as the adjustment of metal won’t prove out to be much comfortable for them.

The cushions that are provided with the air plugs is not present towards the crown, as a result after a while it starts to hurt. The ones with larger heads should take this point into account before opting for this gadget.

In Everest Elite 700 the buttons are provided on the sides of the ear-cups and could be felt with touch. Still it would have been convenient if the buttons would have been larger in size.

The ear-cups on the left features operations like play and pause and also functioning of volume, whereas the right ear-cups feature the power button as well as a smart button. The ear-plugs also leads to tremendous pressure on the ears, which is preferred by some and some dislikes it.

The Everest Elite 700 headphones also features an addition of an app for Android and iOS, which enables the headphone to play a note into the ear, it also offers basic equalizer and custom settings that permits the smart button to enable automatic cancellation or on and off. This feature allows the users to define the intensity of cancellation of noise with completely blocking noise from the surroundings. But, some sound might penetrate through the microphones present externally as per the situation.

To arrive at a conclusion for Everest Elite 700 is difficult. As the Everest Elite 700 headphones are a great combination of hardware and software. They can be bought at a price little more than 20,000 and this marks the major point of difference. As many cannot afford to buy the product at such a high price. There are other gadgets available in the market with better features and less price like the Plantronics Backbeat Pro and many more on which you can certainly rely.

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