Free Music for Video Editing: Best Resources for Video Editors

Free Music for Video Editing
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Adding music to your video creates a whole new dimension to your videos. It makes for a more engaging experience for your viewers and mixes things up. Adding music to your videos thus makes a lot of sense. But where do you get free music for video editing? There are several places you can check out. But in this post we save you the hassle and do the legal work for you. So sit back and relax while we take you through places in which you can get free music for video editing.

Is all Music free to use?

Well keeping it short and simple, the answer is no. While some music is free to use others are not. As a rule of thumb it is always better to ask the particular artist before you use their piece of music. But rest assured all the websites we cover, deal in free music. So at least you’ll be covered on this front from any legal hassles.

Most Free Music comes with a Creatives Commons license, which means that the music is free to use. However there are instances where there are particular requirements attached to the license. For example CC-BY means that the music is free to use wherever you want to but you have to credit the particular artist for it. You need to be careful about what Creative Commons license your dealing with.

Understanding licenses:

It’s important to know your licenses to avoid legal problems later on.

It goes without saying any music you check up on needs to be looked at carefully to know what license it comes under.

Many people actually mistake royalty free music with free music. There is a difference- royalty free music are those that you have to make a one- time payment and it’s yours to use wherever and how many times you want to afterwards. Another fundamental difference is that royalty free music is a copyrighted music that you pay for only once.

Best 6 Places to Find Free Music for Video Editing

Here are few best resources for Free Music for Video Editing.

YouTube Audio Library in getting free music for video editing:

This one is an obvious one. If you happen to make and post videos on YouTube you can always use their library of background music to do so. What is even less obvious is that fact that you can use these clips to play in the background of non- YouTube videos as well. However you may have to check the licensing agreement before doing so.

The audio library is user friendly in that you can choose songs as per genre, mood, duration and even licensing. Licensing can be in the form of songs that require attribution and those that do not. Adding it to your video is easy enough too. You can listen to a preview of the song and once that is done click download to Well, Download it onto your video. You can add the chosen song to your video using a video editor or from YouTube itself.

Another great thing about YouTube Audio library is that you can save music files for later. This comes in handy when you’re looking for a song for a video and the one you just listened to is great but does not match.


Another great place to get free music for video editing is SoundCloud. This is one of the great sites to get music that actually sounds like real music you can and want to play in the background. SoundCloud also has a vast array of music that you can choose from. To use the site you may need a little patience and some ingenuity. But once you figure it out, there’s no turning back, this site will become your go to site for background music.

Another plus with using this site is that you get access to songs from artists across the globe.

Freeplay Music in getting Free Music for video editing:

This site happens to be free if you’re just using it for personal use. For the business people out there a nominal payment has to be made up front. The site has a huge collection of awesome songs you can choose from, which is free to use in personal cases.

If you’re using these songs for business purposes you also get the songs arranged by category, say for example advertisements or presentation music.

Free Music Archive to get free music for video editing:

This site works with curators, artists and Creative Commons enthusiasts in giving you a large collection of free music. It was actually founded by the non- commercial radio station WFMU and is geared towards providing free music over the internet.

The site covers a host of genres and has a bunch of songs within each. Most of the songs on this platform come under a creative commons license. So you need to check carefully what the song entails before using it.


In this site you’re free to make your mixes of songs. Musicians provide tracks on this site while vocalists provide acapellas, the creative ingenuity in how you use these two is yours for the choosing.

On this platform you can use any music for free but you have to give credit to artist in whatever place you use the music. The user interface is a little hard to use at first. However the tags provided is your best guide in navigating through their vast selection.

FreeSound in getting free music for video editing:

The user interface isn’t the best on this site but what it lacks in ease of navigation it more than makes up for in its vast collection of sounds. I’m not only talking about music here though. This site has a vast array of sounds, right from people talking to noise to street traffic. You name it and you’ve got it on this website.

These are a few sites in which you can get some free music for video editing. So the next time you need music for a video make sure to check out this post!

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