Best Apple Homekit Devices for 2020

Apple Homekit Devices
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Are you searching for the best Apple homekit devices for 2020? Then you have come to the perfect place. In this post, you’ll get to know about the best Apple homekit devices that you can control using Siri.

Apple’s homekit is pretty similar to the Alexa. It is Apple’s platform from smart home products, and this is very well baken into every iPhone and iPad device that the company sells in the market.

To control these smart homekit, all you need to do is download Apple’s free home app and then easily pair with the Compatible homekit smart device of your choice.

Now, most of you might be wondering what type of smart devices can be connected to the Homekit? Right? If that’s the case, then you have a lot of options such as– Smart locks, lights, plugs, cameras, motion sensors, shades, thermostat and more.

Apple has the number of homekit devices to assist humans. As Apple’s Assitant app Siri helps in adjusting the air conditioning, dim the lights, on the music and open the locks. It can do even more just with the voice commands.

The Best Apple Homekit Devices:

As you are striving to find out the best Apple homekit devices for 2020? We have prepared an exclusive list that can help you choose the best Apple homekit devices for your home in 2020.

Let’s get into the list of Best Apple homekit devices.

Apple TV 4K One of the Best Apple HomeKit Devices:

When you are talking about the best homekit devices for 2020, you should consider Apple TV 4k. This is one of the incredible Apple homekit devices for 2020 people love to use. You can simply pair your Apple Homekit devices with your iPhone when you set them up.

If you’re eager to control your products when you’re away from your home? Then you’ll definitely need a homekit hub. This home kit hub works just like a protector for your home’s wifi network. If in case, you need to control a smart lock from your Apple’s home app means the hub’s work is to check the ID before giving you access.

Although Apple doesn’t offer a standalone homekit hub, instead, it forces you to choose other high priced gadgets which can do the job.

The third-generation Apple Tv, Homepod Smart speaker and other things. Although these apps make it too expensive and clumsy to handle, so, it’s best to stick with Apple TV. This unique homekit device can pull up the video feed from your homekit cameras on your TV with a voice command. With all these features this is certainly the best Apple Homekit device you should know about in 2020.

WeMo Mini:

WeMo Mini is another smart Apple homekit device you should know about. This WeMo mini is the easiest way to make the dumb appliance “very smart”.

The WeMo Mini tool is nothing but a smart plug that lets you control your home electronic devices right from your iPhone or iPad. This smart plug just uses your existing home wifi network to provide full wireless control over your fans, heaters, lamps, and more. For this device’s hub is not required you can integrate it generally with your iPhone or iPad.

The wemo mini is the leader in best smart plugs; however, this doesn’t have an energy monitoring feature but does work with all assistants and is helpful for any device. This device is having a home and Away mode that lets you link the plug to the other smart home system. As this product is controlled by speaking to Siri, this is one of the best Apple homekit products, so we have listed it on Best Apple homekit devices for 2020 list.

Ecobee 3 Lite:

Ecobee 3 lite is another cool option when you are looking for Apple homekit devices. This is a smart thermostat that includes a couple of thermostats which support Siri, and so it can be controlled via Apple’s homekit.

Even though there are few of the other thermostats for Apple’s homekit, this special Ecobee 3 lite is perfect. However, don’t opt for its newer version ecobee 4 as it doesn’t have much changes and price is heftier than its 3 versions. Ecobee is a perfect Apple homekit device and has other extensions and integrations as well.

You can control this thermostat from anywhere on IOS devices such as Apple Watch, iPhone, iPad and more. Along with Apple’s Siri, you can use this device with other assistants as well.

August Smart Lock Pro:

People often need Smart Locks to protect their home. If you are eager to control your locks from anywhere through your Apple homekit? Then you should be opting this August Smart Lock Pro. Even though there are a hell a lot of options, we loved this tool because of its control.

Apple homekit can help you lock or unlock the door hassle-free with the support of Smart lock pro. All you need is to ask Siri to check if the door is locked or not.

You can lock or unlock the device by using your voice. This smart lock pro is having great features and the best option for a smart lock. So, I have listed this on the list of the best Apple homekit devices for 2020 list.

This tool is very easy to install and has flexible settings with convenient auto-lock options and auto-unlock features.

iHome ISP6x Smart Plug:

iHome ISP 6x is another smart plug which makes your dumb appliances smarter. This is one of the best apple homekit products. All you should say is “Siri, turn my light off”, and then it will switch off lights and do more.

This works perfectly with a variety of other smart home systems other than Apple as well. It pairs with the iPhone devices just in seconds, and it’s inexpensive to buy.

Best Apple HomeKit Devices- Sonos One:

The Sonos one is the other best option for Apple homekit devices; this is a smart speaker for audiophiles. It is one of the best smart speakers available in the market and its equipped with Apple’s Airplay 2 wireless audio standards.

That means you can use Sonos One in conjunction with your homepod by setting up. Besides these, these speakers offered excellent audio and had has excellent control so you can easily control it using SIRI. You can pair more speakers for whole-house audio and can control music sources as well.

Apple Homekit Devices- Kwikset Premis:

Are you looking for the best Apple homekit devices for 2020? Then you should check out Kwikset premis as its one of the best Apple homekit devices. It is a simple Apple homekit deadbolt that supports keycodes and remote operation.

It’s among the best smart locks that work well with Apple Homekit. You can control it through your IOS app and it’s easy to install and has a classy looking app. It’s a rekeyable lock that has excellent other features. So, you should check out this app when looking for the best apple homekit devices.

Apple Homekit Devices- Logitech Circle 2:

If you are checking for the best Apple homekit devices in 2020? then Logitech circle 2 comes into the list because it has some great features that are useful for us.

The wired design of this device helps you to close the outlet and save the battery. Once you fix this camera, you are able to view the video feed anywhere. This is one of the best smart security cameras for your home, which is controlled by your Siri.

This app offers motion sensors, night vision and also the two-way audio. SO, you get 24hr clips with ease. Its features make this tool the best fit for the Apple homekit devices list, so I have featured it.

Lifx Mini Smart Bulb:

The smart light is often essential in our houses, so it’s best to opt for the Lifx Mini Smart Bulb. This is one of the best Apple homekit products that work perfectly well. Lifx Mini Smart bulb is simply excellent for smaller fixture lamps and other lights.

Lifx can produce dazzling color effects and help you control lights during different times. The best part, you can sync the light with music you’re playing. Besides, it has infrared technology for camera night vision as well. With all these several smart features, we can say this is the best Apple homekit device for 2020.

Arlo Baby:

Are you searching for the best Apple homekit devices for a baby monitor? Then the Arlo baby monitor is the best Apple homekit product. It has an excellent quality of video and other special features to make it special. The environmental and air quality sensors, colour-changing night light, and other customizable lullabies make it apt for baby monitoring. This can be connected with home kit via Apple Tv, and you can even view the feed from anywhere. It’s, Comprehensive features and compatibility makes it the top pick for the Best Apple homekit devices for 2020.


This is all about the best Apple homekit devices for 2020. Apart from this, there are lots of other accessories you can find online, but I have mentioned the best devices that are useful.

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