Google Chatbot Meena: Conversational Agent Who Chat about Anything

Google Chatbot Meena
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Move over Siri and Alexa, there’s a new girl in town and her name is Meena. While Alexa and Siri are capable of answering mundane or factual questions, they can never really interact with us. But that was enough some years ago to go gaga over. Not so now. As tech advances and makes grand leaps we can’t help wanting more. And that’s just what Google has given use with the new Google chatbot Meena. This new chatbot is supposedly going to be the new “in thing” with it being able to carry on normal conversations on just about anything you can think of.

Let’s Get to know Google chatbot Meena Further:

According to Google, Meena is a neutral network with about 2.6 billion parameters. Meena is a multi turn open domain chatbot. It has been trained by data from, you won’t believe it- “Social media conversations”. That’s where the best conversations happen these days. By giving it a 2.6 billion parameter formula, Google has trained it in minimizing perplexity. So the next time you have a conversation with Meena, you’ll notice how easy it is, without her getting confused on what topic you’re speaking about.

Google’s blog post also states that Meena knows about 40 billion words and also makes use of seq2seq model. This is along with the popular transformer architecture. Google has also made a claim that its Google chatbot Meena is better than any voice assistant right now.

A sensibleness and Specificity test measures the conversational ability of a person also a chatbot as in Google’s case. While an average human earned a score of 86% on the SSA test, Meena scored a surprising 76%. Isn’t that amazing? However, this metric based test is based on Google’s own formula and parameters. Other companies of course, have their own method of judging the conversational abilities of AI based voice assistants.

More on Google chatbot Meena:

Google being the proud parent of Meena also says that other AI based assistants lack sense and don’t have basic knowledge of the world. Although at times these voice assistants give sensible answers at times, at other times they don’t have a grasp of context. Whereas the Google chatbot Meena can conduct conversations that are more generic and that actually make sense.

Interaction Between Humans and AI Assistants:

AI assistants may not be used as much as they were intended to be used. However there are cases where people were able to solve their loneliness with AI assistants. Besides that some people have even got emotional support from them as well. There’s even a case when a boy suffering from autism in the US didn’t interact much with people around him. He only had conversations with Apple’s Siri.

Google chatbot Meena may help people who have difficulties communicating with others. It could also be used in getting things done without the hassle of repeating yourself again and again.  In that case Meena could actually be a blessing we all didn’t know we needed.

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