Google Translation Services Teaches Machines to Become More Fluent Translators

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Google translate has been powering the translation services on the Smartphone and in online arena for a long time. Now Google is working towards improving the translation service through making computers to interpret even the incomplete sentences. This has a result of years of innovation brought about by the Google in enhancing the ability of the computers in successfully completing the translation on their own. Before this Google’s homegrown technology helped in analyzing certain phrases in pieces and later on it was brought together to offer a stilted translation.

Google machines get ability to interpret entire sentences

With the advancement in the technology through continuous rigorous research Google’s machines now possess the ability to interpret entire sentences on the go. When the translation made by those machines in form of passages then it will appear top sound and read just like native language translation.

In simple words users will not be able to differentiate whether these sentences have been framed by a human or a machine. Google has named this translation services technology as ‘nueral machine translation’ and it has been in use for past few years by the Google for its Photo service. This translation services technology has allowed Google to add the feature of identifying people as well as objects present in the pictures which were stored by the users on the Photos service.

This translation services technology is described as the biggest leap made by the search engine giants in the field of the translation service.

A significant breakthrough in the field of translation service

The new method of nueral translation by Google has been dubbed as one of the biggest breakthrough by the Forester Research Analyst Mike Gualtieri. This advancement will certainly help in avoiding a number of embarrassing mistakes which has plagued the translation service in the past. In should be noted that Google translation isn’t perfect and it has caused a lot of confusion and embarrassment for the users when communicating in foreign language using the translation tool.

When Google Photos made its way to the users equipped with the translation feature it simply ended up in misidentifying a number of things which left users embarrassed. Neural translation aims towards learning from such mistakes and growing as much power potent version of translation service.

Google set to deploy the translation technology next week

Google will start utilizing this technology to translate the phrases to from English as well as other eight languages from next Tuesday. The other languages chosen to be serviced by this technology includes Turkish, Spanish, German, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Portuguese.

The reason behind offering support of this technology to these selected eight international language is that it covers more than one-third of the request for translation received by the Google. Google has revealed that it translated more than 140 billion words each through its translation services and it caters the need of more than 500 million people worldwide. Google has plan to bring support of the nueral technology to the 103 languages within next few months t bolster its translation service.

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