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HDMI Dongle — Guide to Wireless Streaming

MUVIT HDMI Dongle — Guide to Wireless Streaming
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A dongle is actually a small piece of PC hardware. It helps to connect a port to another device to offer extra functionality. Besides, it allows a pass-through to a device also. This article lets you know about the HDMI dongle.

What is an HDMI Dongle?

An HDMI dongle is a small device that enables you to connect it to a TV set’s High definition multimedia interface port. It offers Wi-Fi streaming from the home network. It enables you to access movie content from the internet and also allows you to display local content. When you connect Chromecast to the TV’s High definition multimedia interface port, it also helps stream content from the home network through Wi-Fi.

How to Bring Android TV to your Dumb Old TV?

The HDMI dongle connected to your old TV’s HDMI port makes your old TV into an internet-connected device, as an Android TV. The Dongle acts as a portable set-top box and makes your TV into a smart internet-connected screen. In addition, it enables internet browsing, movie watching, and games.

Best Five HDMI Dongles:

  1. Anycast Wireless HDMI Display TV Dongle Receiver

AnycastDescription: It helps you to mirror anything from a compatible device to an HDTV or HD projector. Using the device, you can project anything from your mobile, tablet, or laptop. To use the device, you need to plug your device in, and then you have to connect it to the internet. After that, you should start streaming.


Support: It enables you to use itself with high-definition TVs using High definition multimedia interface that can support 1080p or 720p at 60/50Hz. All HDCP-compatible models support it.

Lovely experience: The model allows you to stream as you prefer, like free TV, live news, sports, etc. Using this, you will not miss any special event, award-winning shows, latest blockbuster hits, etc.

Warranty: It features a three monthly replacement warranty.


  • Three months replacement warranty
  • Compatible with high-definition TVs


  • Not for video streaming
  1. MUVIT Mobile Screen Mirroring Receiver Dongle

MUVIT HDMI Dongle — Guide to Wireless StreamingDescription: This product supports 4K (3840 X 2160) and 1080P HD resolution. With the help of this model, you can get the clearest and most vivid images on a big display. It allows you to cast content like HD videos/games/music/photos/files directly from mobile, computer, etc., to High definition multimedia interface devices like TV and projectors. The product is ideal for business, home entertainment, education or training, etc.


Support different devices: It is compatible with Miracast / Ezmira/ Airplay/DLNA. Besides, you can use your mobile or laptop of different brands like Samsung, Sony, iPhone, etc with Android 5.0+ / iOS 8.0+ / Windows 8.1+ /Mac OS 10.10+. It works as a display mirroring adapter for TV. You have an external antenna of 3 m. It supports WiFi 802.11b / g / n versions at 2.4GHz frequency. There is an adapter to stream video, Web Surfing, Photo Viewer, Live Camera Sharing, etc.

Plug and Play: You do not have to use any driver or App required for the device. There are available only three steps to enjoy it on a big display. You should connect it with the TV’s High definition multimedia interface, and then you need to use the 5V/1A or higher power supply. Further, You are not required to switch between Airplay and Miracast. In addition, You can use the model in business conferences, office routine meetings, multimedia education in school, home entertainment, etc.

Apps: Your android mobile may not support most applications, but a few devices don’t support Subscription Apps, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Disney +, etc. These feature HDCP” video copyrights protection for which the product cannot transfer pictures.


  • Used in business conferences, office meetings, etc.
  • Support Miracast / Ezmira/ Airplay/DLNA


  • Unable to transfer pictures to TV
  1. Miracast Wireless HDMI Display TV Dongle Receiver

MiracastDescription: You do not have to use any apps or software drivers. With the device’s help, you can enjoy music, videos, photos, office files, websites, etc., on the large display.

Connect your device into the TV’s HDMI-compatible interface, and then you need to take the help of a 5V/500mA power supply. Use Miracast, Airplay, or DLNA mode to connect your device.


Support devices: It enables you to manage Miracast or AirPlay / DLNA system to use your device with IOS or Android devices. The model supports Android 4.4+, Mac OS X 10.9+, iOS 8.0+, Windows 8.1/10.

Easy to use: You will get an adapter available on your device, helping you to stream video, browse the web, view images, share real-time camera, media player, etc.

Compatible with E-learning and business meeting: The model is ideal for education and business presentation. Besides, it enables you to cast PowerPoint, Excel, Word, PDF, and pictures from a mobile or computer to HDTV, monitor, etc.


  • Support E-learning and business meeting
  • No need to use apps or software drivers


  • No cons
  1. DealFry HDMI Dongle

DealFryDescription: It is compatible with Android 4.4+, Mac OS X 10.9+, iOS 8.0+, Windows 8.1/10. The model allows you to manage Miracast or AirPlay/DLNA system to be compatible with IOS or Android devices.


Simple to change: You can move the fingers easily. Users can use the device as a car wifi display like CarPlay and an awesome travel buddy. Use G2M powered by 5V/0.5mA and connect it to the car-supported High definition multimedia interface.

Stable signal: It works as a Screen mirroring adapter used for television. Using the external antenna of 10m length, you can feel a more stable signal than others. The adapter allows you to use it for video streaming, web browsing, photo Viewer, real-time camera sharing, media player, etc.

Beneficial for eyes: Now, you do not feel uncomfortable while looking at the display for a long time. With the help of Screen Cast wifi Display Dongle, you can see it easily.


  • Beneficial for eyes
  • Suitable for video streaming, web browsing
  • Easy to change


  • Can be more effective while streaming contents
  1. AUSHA 4K Miracast Screen Mirroring Receiver Dongle

AUSHADescription: The model enables you to mirror content like HD videos/games/music/photos/files from mobile, PC to TV, projectors, etc. You can use the device for business, education, home entertainment, training, etc.


Multi-Compatibility: It is compatible with Miracast / Ezmira/ Airplay/DLNA. Besides, it enables you to use tablets, mobiles, etc with Android 5.0+ / iOS 8.0+ / Windows 8.1+ /Mac OS 10, 10+. It is equipped with an adapter used to surf the web, stream video, etc. Besides, it allows you to use Photo Viewer, Live Camera Sharing, Media Player, etc.

Simple to use: You are required to perform only plug and play. It indicates that you don’t have to use any driver or App meanwhile. You need to connect the device to the TV’s High definition multimedia interface and take the help of 5V/1A or a higher power supply.

Suitable for different purposes: It allows you to use in office routine meetings, business conferences, multimedia education, home entertainment, etc.


  • Used for office meetings, business conferences, etc
  • Easy to use


  • Unable to share images to TV

The bottom line:

The article contains details of the top five HDMI dongles. Choose any one according to your demands.


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