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What is CarmodeStub App Android? Can You Remove It?

What is CarmodeStub App Android? Can You Remove It?
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CarmodeStub is a type of application built-in on multiple Android devices and connected to MirrorLink. It can transform the telephone into an automotive app platform. This article contains details of the carmodestub app, and it is recommended to go through the entire article properly.

What is CarmodeStub App, and what does it do?

CarmodeStub App is a built-in system app available on Samsung Android devices. With the help of MirrorLink technology, it helps to mirror the mobile display to the car display. Besides, it allows you to go to a destination via Google Maps. In addition, it helps to accept mobile calls and reject them, listen to and pause music from the car display except touching the display.

It is a kind of stub app. Generally, stub apps simulate the behavior of software components. Major apps use the apps to access information. The APK file of the app is

The Samsung car app uses a stub app called the Drive Link app. It is a Samsung in-car app enabling drivers to use mobiles for navigation, messaging, calling, listening to music, etc.

What is MirrorLink?

MirrorLink is a connectivity technology of car-mobile enabling you to connect your MirrorLink-enabled mobiles to the MirrorLink-enabled vehicles except using any wires. It allows you to navigate through Maps, music, hands-free calling, and mobile apps from the car display. These applications run on your mobile, but these can be seen on the car’s display screen. Besides, you can hear the audio via the car’s speakers. The MirrorLink app is quite the same as other apps such as Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connected to the car.

It comes with a beautiful User Interface(UI) that can be used very easily. In addition, you will find apps with huge icons that make these simple to control while driving on display. Above all, this technology helps to make connected driving easier and safer than other related technologies available in the market.

What is CarmodeStub for?

It enables you to deactivate your telephone while driving. The app works in the background while driving, and you will not get any calls or messages until the car is stopped.

When you receive a call while driving, the call will get redirected to a voice recorder. It advises the caller that you are driving, and when you stop the car, you will call back.

Can You Uninstall CarmodeStub?

It is possible to uninstall the app as it doesn’t present any risk to the regular use of your device. However, keeping a security copy or preventing the app before uninstalling it is recommended to check the device location. Also, it would be best if you remembered that you would be unable to sync your telephone with your car after the app’s uninstallation.

If you are willing to uninstall the app, you need to be a different user with a few benefits. Then, you should install an application destined to eliminate internal apps. For example, you can use Titanium Backup or Uninstaller Pro.

What Permissions Does CarmodeStub App Have?

The app has a clear connection with the device’s Car Mode. As it is a default app provided by the manufacturer, it will not need your permission to operate correctly. However, it will need the permission of your phone to function correctly.

Is It a Safe App or a Virus?

The app is safe to use as it isn’t malware, virus, or bloatware. However, if you find any app running in the background and you have not installed it manually, you may think it is malware or bloatware.

Android devices are known to use default bloatware like KLMS Agent and RoseEUkor. However, it is not the case with CarmodeStub. Therefore, the app will not harm your device. Besides, it will never slow down the device as it uses minimum system resources. Therefore, there doesn’t exist any chance of lagging.

How to download the app?

The app is not available in Google Play Store. If you are willing to download the app, go to the APKMirror website.

How to Install CarmodeStub APK for Android:

You should first download the apk file like from

Update mobile Settings:

  • Navigate to the mobile Settings page.
  • After that, your task is to click on the Security or Applications, depending on the type of device you use.
  • Next, you should move to the Unknown Sources box and check it.
  • Finally, you should confirm it with OK.

Go to Downloads:

  • Head towards My Files or Files, and then you should open the Downloads section on the device.
  • Next, you need to click on the APK file downloaded by you. (
  • Hit the Install option when prompted. Then, you can install the apk file on your device.

How to install its APK file on Windows 7/8/10 or MAC PC?

Download the file from to the computer or laptop. For example, it can be aa /Users/xxx/Downloads/(

Using Emulator:

Hence, your task is to download the emulator software first and install it afterward. Bluestacks, GenyMotion, NoxPlayer, etc., are a few examples.

After that, your job is to install the apk file on your computer by drag and drop.

Benefits of the CarmodeStub Android App:

  • It is safe to use and doesn’t need high-risk permissions.
  • The app supports 32-bit devices. Generally, the emulator uses a 32-bit arch CPU.
  • However, it supports a 64-bit device.
  • This app lets you view the route on Google Maps that you are traveling.
  • It allows you to see Youtube videos and take hands-free calls.

What to do if these applications are in the background consuming ram and mobile battery?

Before removing the apps, you need to ensure that you have disabled MirrorLink and updated it correctly to the latest version. If you are willing to deactivate this, your first task is to navigate the Settings. After that, move to the search engine and type “MirrorLink.” Next, you can see a button appearing to enable or disable MirrorLink.

You can ensure by updating MirrorLink also. To do this, you must move to the Galaxy Apps, and then you should look for the app in question and update it.

Can You Remove CarmodeStub? How to Uninstall it?

As it is a default app, you cannot uninstall or disable the app traditionally like you uninstall third-party apps. If you are willing to disable the app or uninstall it, your job is to use ADB or the System App Remover app.

It is advised not to uninstall the app. If you do so, it can cause problems while connecting your mobile to the car. In addition, if you uninstall the app, you cannot access the Car mode feature on Samsung devices.

Method 1) Use ADB or Android debug bridge:

It is a command-line tool developers use to communicate with an Android device. Although you are a non-tech-savvy person, it is possible to disable or uninstall the app. This method does not need any root access, due to which it is a preferable process.

The steps to uninstall the app are as follows:

  •  Your first task is to move to the Settings section and go to the System. After that, you should head towards the About phone section.
  • After that, your job is to hit the Build number 7 times to enable the Developer Options.
  • Return to the man Settings menu, and then you should click on the Developer Options to open it.
  • Now, tap on the USB debugging to enable it.
  • Next, you should download the Android Debug bridge app on the computer or laptop.
  • After that, you should extract your ZIP file into a folder.
  • As soon as you extract the ZIP file, you must open that folder.
  • Your task is to tap the shift button and hold it. Then, you are required to tap in a blank area.
  • Tap on the option “Open Powershell window here.”
  • You should then enter your command adb devices.
  • Next, your job is to connect the mobile to your PC with the help of a USB data cable.
  • Finally, you need to write the command adb shell pm uninstall –user 0 and then hit Enter to run the command. Now, you should wait for a few seconds until it has been uninstalled from your device.

If you are willing, then disable the app despite uninstalling it. To do so, you need to replace the “uninstall” with the “disable” term in the last step.

Method 2) Use a Third-Party App:

Multiple third-party apps are available that you can use to disable or uninstall default apps. You need to remember that the apps require root access to your device. Therefore, if you root a device, it will void the device warranty. Ensure that you will do this while you are very much sure.

Step 1: Your first job is to download the System App Remover app and install it then.

Step 2: Next, your task is to launch the System App Remover app. In this case, you need to look for the app in the search bar and then choose it by tapping on this.

Step 3: You need to hit the Uninstall button to uninstall the application completely. Finally, you need to remove the data.

Problems with connection:

If you are unable to connect your device, follow the steps.

  • Your first job is to head towards the Settings and then the Apps. After that, you are required to tap on the menu option, I.e., three vertical dots. Then, you should choose the option “Show System Apps.”
  • Look for the app named as CarmodeStub,
  • Hit Enter on the CarmodeStub and then on Storage.
  • After that, you should clear the cache.
  • Then, remove the data.
  • Go back to the list of apps and find “Android Auto.” If installed already, you should choose the “Android Auto for phone screens” option.
  • Now, your job is to hit Enter on Android Auto and Storage.
  • Remove cache memory.
  • Then, remove data.
  • Power off the mobile. Ensure that you should not restart your mobile.
  • Then, you need to power on your mobile.
  • Make a connection between your mobile and a USB cable.
  • If you use an Opel/Vauxhall Astra Intellilink 4.0, a prompt will appear to ensure the use of Android Auto rather than using Bluetooth.
  • The display does not experience any changes. You should use the ‘call’ button on the steering wheel and tap two times to dial the number used. Now, you are required to wait for the ringing.
  • The screen should display Android Auto.
  • If the attempt has not worked, you need to head home and tap on the Projection. Then, you should perform step 13 again and again. If it doesn’t solve the error, repeat all the steps first, and it will help you solve the issue.


CarmodeStub app is a system app that enables you to use it safely. You can use ADB or System App Remover to uninstall the default app.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do you use CarmodeStub App?

You can use the app by launching Settings, moving to Apps, tapping on the three-dot icon ( top right corner) to Show system apps. After that, your task is to use a search box available at the top to find this app.

  • What phone uses MirrorLink?

MirrorLink is compatible with devices that use either the Symbian or Android OSs. As a result, plenty of mobiles are available that support the technology like mobiles made by HTC, LG, Samsung, and Sony. All of these enable you to use the app. However, it’s worth noting that the technology is currently not suitable with Apple iPhones.

  • How does Samsung car Mode work?

The mode gives you access to only the functions you may need in a car. It supports navigation and music playback. Besides, you can find large, brightly colored buttons that enable you to see without turning attention away from the road.

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