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KLMS Agent in Knox- How to Remove It?

KLMS Agent in Knox
Written by prodigitalweb

Have you found the KLMS Agent or KNOX on your mobile even without installing it? Is it harmful to your phone? How useful is it? Is someone trying to spy on you via this app? Is it a virus? Are these questions bothering you?

Then, you must go through this article. We have given here detailed info regarding KNOX. We hope that going through this article will clear all your doubts about KNOX.

Here, we have tried to cover almost all the critical information such as; all its features, the process of disabling, unlocking, uninstalling, and removing the app, etc.

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What is KLMS Agent?

Before knowing about the KLMS Agent, you should have enough knowledge about Samsung’s Security system. Simply, it can say that it has something to do with the Security Android Platform, KNOX.

It can be considered as pre-installed software. This app gives permission only to those users who have eligible authorized access. It indicates that the software can block the System’s access to unauthorized users. Therefore, it is clear this software has a relation with the privacy and protection of the user’s files.

You can safely use the app to access your files, documents such as emails, and other business work applications. It offers applications such as finding the data, data locking, and clearing to prevent data loss. Along with protecting data, the app makes a productive space also. It helps to create a difference between work-related work and private work. Outside users are unable to access the inside data of the app. Every data that is stored inside it; remains under encryption. Thus, it offers ultimate security to the user’s workspace.

How The KLMS Agent App Works:

Let’s learn how KLMS Agent works on your smartphone to ensure the safety of your device.

Activation and Setup Process:

The app will activate itself automatically when your smartphone will be powered on. Remember that you do not need any complex setup. When you power on your device, it will start protecting from that moment.

User Interface and Navigation:

This app can work seamlessly in the background. It is not like other apps that constantly require attention. This agent does not create any disruption to your regular activities. The only motive of the app is ensuring the security of your phone. No direct user interaction with this app is required.

Integrations with Other Samsung Applications:

It works with other Samsung apps collaboratively to make sure the device is secure. The app is integrated with Samsung Knox, resulting in generating a unified front. Thus, your smartphone can become more protective against cyber threats.

Managing Encryption Keys:

It is capable of managing the encryption keys that are able to protect vital information. Thus, the app can keep your personal information safe and stop unauthorized access.

Collaboration with Samsung Knox:

KLMS agent works with the comprehensive security platform of Knox and helps to keep your device secure from potential dangers.

Battling Malware and Viruses:

This app works as a crucial defender of your smartphone by protecting the device from malicious software and viruses. It scans viruses properly and detects threats. Thus, it ensures that your smartphone is free from danger and your data remains safe.

Ensuring Data Encryption:

Everyone wants to keep their data encrypted and not go in the wrong hands. The app is beneficial in this case. Via robust data protection, it can make sure that your sensitive information remains safe even if the device is in the wrong hands.

Keeping Device Sleek and Speedy:

KLMS agent ensures that you will get a top-end performance from your device.

Update the Secret Ingredient:

This app updates itself regularly to resolve issues. Thus, it gets equipped with the latest defences.

Designed Exclusively For Samsung Devices:

The design of this KLMS agent is done to make it available for Samsung devices. You will get a seamless security experience because of its optimization for Samsung’s ecosystem.

Advantages of KLMS Agent:

It provides several advantages to your Samsung phone. Let’s look at the benefits that make the app a game-changer for the security of your smartphone.

  • Enhanced Security Features:

    Security of your smartphone gets strengthened by the KLMS agent. This app helps to manage encryption keys. Also, it can work with Samsung Knox to build a shield against the potential threats. It lets you browse the web, chat and share files with confidence while knowing this agent has your back.

  • Protection Against Malware And Viruses:

    KLMS Agent protects your device by keeping viruses away and ensures that your smartphone is virus proof.

  • Data Encryption and Secure File Storage:

    Your data is valuable to yourself. So, you must want to provide the utmost level of protection to your data, and it is possible through the KLMS Agent. The app encrypts your data and files. Thus, you can ensure that your information remains safe though these are in the wrong hands.

  • Peace Of Mind:

    When it comes to talking about your privacy, nothing can beat the peace of mind that the KLMS Agent offers. You can stay relaxed as you know that the cutting-edge security system is protecting your documents, images, and passwords.

  • Seamless Integration with Samsung Knox:

    In order to protect a user’s digital life, it integrates with Samsung Knox. Because of the seamless integration, you will not even notice them working in the background.

  • Minimal Performance Impact:

    Several security apps can reduce the performance of your smartphone. But the app is not like them. Instead, it is capable of working efficiently in the background and lets your device run smoothly.

  • Always Updated:

    It receives regular updates always to stay on top. The app is helpful in combating new threats which can be seen in the digital landscape nowadays.

  • Customized For Samsung Devices:

    This one is specially made for Samsung phones and offers an excellent security experience for your device. This kind of integration and protection level will not be available anywhere else.

  • Trusted By Users:

    It has won hearts of a lot of Samsung users throughout the world. The app has gained loyal fans with its security commitment and stellar performance.

  • Battery-friendly Security:

    Like other security apps, this app does not consume a lot of power. The app optimizes its energy usage and ensures that it is not draining the battery of your phone. So, you can use your phone throughout the day worry-free.

Understand Role of KLMS Agent ?

We know KLMS agent or com.Samsung.KLM agent as Samsung’s proprietary security framework Knox’s part. The primary purpose of designing it is to keep all business devices such as phones, tablets, and wearables secured. As per Samsung, the Knox devices are manufactured from a hardware chip for isolating, encrypting, and securing data such as passwords, credit card transactions, confidential files, and so on.

Is KLMS Agent a virus?

No, it is not a virus. This one is a helpful app that can help the user store all the work-related data more securely. A few people think that it is a virus as they don’t know how to use it.

Features KNOX:

Software Integrity:

You should know that the software’s origin indicates whether it is safe or harmful. If you download it from any reliable source or licensed source, then you can stay worry-free. Because software downloaded from such sources is considered as secured enough. Many times, scam websites try to bypass the security system. Thus, it attempts to make any changes to the device. In case any type of such action happens in the device, this app instantly detects it. After that, KNOX blocks it and gives protection to your data.

Data Storage Protection:

The vital feature of the app is data storage protection. This agent helps protect the stored data. For example, it helps to guard information such as images, contacts, emails, and many more. The app keeps data secured in such a way so that other persons will be able to change the settings neither directly nor modify them. Besides, it prevents the user from downloading apps from unknown sources.

Moreover, this app will not allow you to use screen capture apps. It will enable you to disable connectivity settings ( for instance, wi-fi, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, GPS). Along with this, it permits the user to disable software updates, device power off, factory reset, safe mode, and so on. Even you can disable biometric authentication functions such as fingerprint scanner and iris scanner.

Least Used Device Resources:

Any kind of system software usually needs device resource access to maintain proper security and work accurately. This app uses the least device resources and provides the users awesome services. It can offer incredible protection from any type of attack. No matter which software it is – it will need various resources for working perfectly. So, it is clear that every software uses Device resources. If a user downloads harmful software, KNOX will ensure that it will use significantly lesser device resources.

Specialized User Experience:

The app enables the user to hide notifications, extend screen timeout, and so on. Moreover, using this app, you will prevent sleep mode while the device is plugged.

Automated App Deployment:

It doesn’t allow the user to uninstall apps and change their icons and names.

Block/Allow Listing:

It enables the users to access limited URLs only from any specific app.

Theft Protection:

Along with providing data privacy protection, it also helps keep your data safe from data thieves. Therefore, if your device is stolen or lost the device, there will be no data theft risk.

Data that is encrypted using this agent can only be accessed using a valid pattern or pin lock. That means no other person will be able to get access to data. As a result, the data remains the most secured.

Find My Device:

This feature is very beneficial because it allows the user to locate your Samsung phone. But in this case, you need to have a free registered account with Samsung.

Network Protection:

Hackers can extract data from the users mainly through the network. Usually, the data travels through several networks such as wi-fi, cellular data, Bluetooth, etc. As a result, during this procedure, there remains a considerable risk of getting your data hacked. However, KNOX provides enough safety in this case too. By offering network encryption, it helps to keep your data safe.

What is this thing doing on my phone? The question comes to most users’ minds when they find this app on their phones. As you don’t install it yourself, having this thought is very natural. To solve your worry, we are here. Remember, it doesn’t belong to the category of those applications that users install. It is a pre-installed application that you can get along with your android device. You can say that the agent is Bloatware. Therefore, you don’t need to worry about pondering the resource of the app. The app can update itself automatically.

How to Activate a license when in VMware Launcher?

First of all, your job is to search for the correct file. You will get to see is noted as KLMS Agent system app.

After that, you need to add that file to the Launcher Approved apps.

Now, you will be able to see and accept the agreement of license.

Role of KLMS Agent (KNOX)

It is integrated with the Samsung security system. This agent can handle the security as well as the privacy of user data.

    • It protects the data from unauthorized access.
    • Knox blocks adware, trojan, keylogger, and spy agents.
    • It also confirms that only the authorized users can get access to the data and System.
    • This agent acts as a framework to offer the necessary support for running the KNOX.
    • You can get access to KLMS agent’s secured data by using a password, fingerprint, or pattern.

Is KLMS Agent a Spyware?

Do you think that this agent is a source of any third-party information control? Then, you’re mistaken. As per the protection law, this app is very safe and helps keep your data secure. Besides, it is equipped with extra safety features such as fingerprint security, secure network data transfer, etc.

Generally, in Samsung devices, you can find this app without installing it. However, if you want, you can download it from the Google Play Store. It occupies 7.6 MB.

This app is downloaded more than 650K times. And it has got a 3+ rating. The application comes with a few extra features, such as KME console integration. Its latest version is 21.2(

Does Knox Use System Resources?

It is a system app. Therefore, it needs to run correctly in the background; thus, it consumes the System’s resources. Many users are there who don’t require this security app. Moreover, when the users learn that it consumes system resources in the background, they definitely want to remove this app. A few people reported that this app causes battery draining issues.

Remember, along with Knox; there are plenty of in-built apps in Samsung devices that use CPU in the background and act like Bloatware.

Can You Remove KLMS Agent?

Yes, you can remove it if you want. But you need to keep in mind that it is part of the security framework Knox of Samsung. That means, in case you uninstall it, there are a few features of KNOX that will stop working.

How to Disable KLMS Agent (KNOX) in your Android?

If you have unrooted Samsung androids such as Galaxy S7, Galaxy S5, S4, $3, and Note 5, follow the below Method. However, users of Galaxy Note 4 and Note 3 can also go for this procedure.


First, you have to open the Knox app.

  • After that, open the settings and click on the Settings tab.
  • You can find here the

Uninstall Knox option. Click on this option.

  • You can see here a message popping up on the screen. Then, you need to choose the Backup.

Now, what you have to do is to save all the data to the device folder. Then, you should tap on the “OK” option. Thus, you will be able to uninstall this application and the KLMS agent.

If you have a new Samsung device, then check out the process for uninstalling it.


  • First, you need to go to the System’s settings. Then, your job is to look for the apps.
  • You can see a menu option available at the top-right corner. And then, you need to click on the System apps option.
  • Now, you have to look for this application. Here, you will get to see several applications related to the agent.
  • After that, you need to disable all those applications that are related to it. You have to do this after restarting your android device.

How to Disable KNOX Using Android Terminal Emulator


  • First, go to Google Play Store. Then, you need to install the ‘Android Terminal Emulator‘ from there.
  • Now, you need to launch the app. It may require SuperSU access. You need to grant permission.
  • After that, you need to enter the following command.


This command prevents the KNOX apps from running in the background.

  • At last, it blocks the app on the device.

Thus, you will be sure to disable it.

How to Uninstall KLMS Agent (Knox)? [Without Root Access]


  • First, go to the “Knox” app. Then, you need to click on the “Settings.”
  • After that, you have to open the “Knox Settings” tab.
  • Then, you need to choose the “Uninstall Knox.”

You need to then back up Knox data. Then you have to choose the “Backup Now.” After that, you need to tap on the OK option.

How to Uninstall KLMS Agent (Knox) [With Root Access]


  • At first, you have to download the ‘Titanium Backup.’ Then, you need to install this.
  • After that, you have to launch the application.
  • Then, look for the ‘Knox’ app. You will get to see a list containing all the apps related to it.

Now, your job is to choose those apps that you want to remove.

For example:


KNOX Store

KLMS Agent

Knox Notification Manager



As soon as you uninstall these, restart your phone. 

For Newer Samsung Devices:

If you are using a newer version of your Android device, the steps you need to follow to disable the Knox app are:

  • Your first task is to head toward Settings. Then, you need to go to Apps on your smartphone.
  • Next, your job is to tap on the Menu button. Then, you have to choose Show System Apps, which is located at the top of the right corner.
  • After that, your job is to search for the Knox option which is available in the search bar. Once you find this, you will see all the apps related to it.
  • Now, you have to start disabling them one by one.
  • Finally, your task is to reboot the phone.

How To Utilize KME For Google FRP Removal:

FRP stands for Factory Reset Protection. This is one of Android’s security features, and is installed automatically on Android 5.0 and higher versions. As soon as you enable the feature, you can factory reset your device using the password of your Google account. In some situations, you need to remove the FRP feature. So, you should use KME in order to disable the feature. You are capable of removing the feature using KME only on devices that use Knox version 2.7.1 or higher versions.

The steps that you need to follow in this case are:

  • Your first task is to make sure that the device is assigned with a KME profile. The verified Skip Setup Wizard should exist in your profile. If you have a DO KME profile, you will find the settings enabled by default. For DA KME profiles, you have to enable settings manually.
  • Once you enable the settings for your profile, you need to use the combination of the external buttons to perform a hard factory reset. The factory reset process depends on what device you are using.
  • Once you power on your device, you need to connect the device to the network. Then, a prompt will appear for rebooting.
  • Your final task is to perform rebooting your device. Then, you can see your enrollment proceeding without any prompt for the login details of Google account.

Samsung Knox And KLMS Agent Device Restrictions:

A few people want to uninstall the KLMS agent because this app has a few restrictions, including:

  • It blocks users from downloading apps from unknown sources.
  • The app disables the iris scanner, fingerprint, and other biometric authentication features.
  • This app can prevent users from screen capturing particular apps and streaming services.
  • Automatic updates of software are disabled by this app. It does not let you power off your device. Also you may not be able to factory reset your device.
  • Root access, as well as Device admin access in safe mode, are disabled by it.
  • Because of the app, you can see some connectivity settings, such as WiFi, GPS, Bluetooth, and airplane mode, getting disabled in unsecured environments.
  • It may prevent you from using the camera and microphone sometimes.

How To Disable Knox On Samsung Galaxy S5:

  • Your first task is to power on the device. Then, you have to sign into the Google account you have.
  • Now, your job is to look for a third-party app that helps to disable Knox On Samsung Galaxy S5. You should install the application on your smartphone thereafter.
  • Once you open the app, you get to view options letting you disable the Knox Store, Knox notification manager, and Knox KLMS Agent, disabling com.sec.knox.eventsmanager and com.sec.enterprise.knox.attestation.
  • After powering on your computer, your job is to download the Knox Disabler app. Now, you have to share the APK file over to the internal SD card. Then, like other APK files, you need to install this.
  • If you want, download the Terminal Emulator from Google Play Store on your device.
  • As soon as the app is available on your smartphone, you get to view where you are able to type commands. You need to type this command: “Su” and “pm disable com.sec.knox.seandroid”. Thus, you will be able to disable Knox on your device.

How to Root Your Device?

Are you facing any problems while removing the KLMS Agent without root access? If yes, then what you should do is root your device. It will help you to get privileged control. Thus, you will be able to remove the application with ease. Users can root their devices using an Android app. But those devices which belong to the new generation can’t be rooted easily. In those cases, you need to take the help of a computer. However, you should try to root your device without using the computer. In case this procedure doesn’t work, you need to connect the device to a Windows computer. In this case, you need to use applications such as Kingroot PC.

Root without a PC

To root without using a PC, first, you have to download the KingoRoot app. Then, install the application on the Android device.

Next, your job is to click on the OneClickRoot button.

Then, you have to wait until the procedure gets completed. In case this Method fails, you will get to see a link. Therefore, you need to download KingoRoot PC through this link.

Root with a PC

First, what you need to do is to go to the settings option. Then, you have to open the System and after that click on About phone.

Next, you need to hit the “Build number” option seven times for activating the “Developer Options.”

Now, you have to return to the previous menu. After that, you need to click on the “Developer Options.”

Then, your job is to power on the “USB debugging” and “OEM unlocking.”

Next, you need to download the KingoRoot on the PC and then install it.

After that, you have to connect your android device and the PC using a USB cable.

Now, you need to launch this KingoRoot app. Then, you have to tap on the root button.

As soon as the mobile device is rooted, you need to disconnect the device from the PC. 

How to Unlock Knox

There are two ways by following you will be able to unlock the Knox app after rooting your Android. But before doing so, make sure that you have taken a backup of your device.

First Method

First, you need to go to the My Knox User Portal. Then, tap on the Devices. After that, choose the device that you have.

Next, you need to tap on the Reset Knox Password option.

Then, you have to launch the app.

Now, your task is to put the new unlock code. Then, click on the Continue option.

Next, you need to enter the unlock code again. After entering, click on the Confirm option.

If the first method doesn’t work for you, follow the second one.

Alternate Method

First, you need to go to the play store. Then, you need to download SYSTEM APP REMOVER (Root).

Next, your job is to install the application. Then, you need to open it and give permission to the SUPERUSER.

When you open the app, you will get to see all the applications in the list.

Now, what you need to do is to search for the KNOX in the search bar. Next, uninstall the app.

As soon as you remove it from your device, you need to open your browser. Next, your task is to search for the KNOX APK.

After that, you need to download an application that is suitable for you. Then you need to install it.

When the installation is done, it will require the new UNLOCK code.

Does Samsung Knox cost money?

It is entirely free. If you are a Samsung mobile phone user, you can use the free and Secure Folder and benefit from Knox features. It helps to keep the private data of the user protected.

How does Samsung Knox work?

The data on the Knox devices are encrypted by default. To do so, it uses a government-certified encryption module. In case your device is lost or stolen, the thief will not be able to access the data inside the device. As a result, all the data remain safe and secured.

Samsung phones, tablets, and wearable with Knox are designed in such a way so that they can block any attempts at tampering. Besides, it offers the user shielding from attacks during boot-up and runs time.

It is the Knox warranty that most consumers usually notice. With the help of this security feature, it can detect whether there is any unofficial software installed in the device or not. Moreover, it protects the data from attacks.


This agent is usually known as an application related to Samsung’s security protection on work profile. The app offers a few benefits to the users. It is specially designed for those users who want to keep their data secured and safe from others. Using this app, you can make the proper balance between work data and personal data.

Frequently Asked Questions: 

  • Is KLMS Agent An App?

Are you wondering how to get the agent on Android? This agent is like Bloatware. It is integrated with the default OS. It indicates that there is no need to install KNOX for getting security; however, if you have the recent Samsung. Android phone, then you may get to see that it is already installed on your device.

  • What is Knox used for?

It is a unique security layer that you can find in the top-tier Samsung phones. With the help of Knox, you can separate and isolate personal and business data. However, most people use it for the Samsung Pass and Secure Folder. You can access each of these in the Biometrics and security section in the phone’s settings.

  • Do you need Knox on your phone?

Yes. You should know that it is not only used for business purposes. But also, many people are there who use this one as a complete personal device. Nowadays, most people have banking and wallet apps on their phones. Knox will help to keep those data safe.


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