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How much is your Instagram account worth? You can sell or buy your Instagram account also

Written by Andy Prosper

How much is a post worth on Instagram? It’s a question that most marketers and ordinary people alike have probably wondered at some point.

Fortunately, the Influencer Marketing Hub team has the answer with your money calculator on Instagram, which estimates how much each of your posts is worth and tells you how to get on the social media train.

Contrary to the YouTubers, who make money thanks to the pre-rolls (ads that pass before the videos) and sponsored content, the only way to make money through Instagram is to find a brand that you want to pay in exchange for your products. products or mentions in the comments.

However, it can be a seriously lucrative business. To take an example of the tip of the pyramid, Beyoncé earns between $ 156.00 to $ 260,000 per ticket thanks to her 104 million followers.

Using the volume of ‘likes’ and followers in your last twelve publications, the Instagram money calculator values your potential earnings. The results are based on the size of your community, as well as the level of engagement. And like everything in the world of social networks, the important thing is to grow: the more followers you have, the greater your benefits will be.

All you need to do to get an idea of your popularity (ha!) Is to write the name of your account in the generator. If it gives you excitement, you’ll love knowing that the same tool exists on YouTube and Twitter. And who knows, one of these days you could be a #influencer.

Do not know what to do with your Instagram account? Sell it and earn money for it.

It is very common to have to stop managing an Instagram account due to lack of time or simply because you want to start devoting that time to other things.

However, after having worked hard to get a good number of followers and have created a community in which the publications have a good response from your followers, it is a very difficult decision. For this reason, if you have no choice but to leave the management we teach you how to make money selling your Instagram account to at least take advantage of what you have achieved with your work.

Make money selling your Instagram account

Lucrarte selling your Instagram account is a way to amortize your work or at least to get the most out of an account that you no longer use and which, however, you think can work quite well for third-party projects with a type of audience similar to yours.

How and where to sell your Instagram account

Selling an Instagram account is possible thanks to web platforms such as Fameswap, which are in charge of putting people who want to sell their accounts with people who want to start on Instagram with a large number of followers to interact with their publications.

In order to sell your account you will only have to register on the web and once this is done follow a series of very simple steps.

The first thing to do is click on the “Sell” button.

Once we have done it, we will see a screen that tells us to choose the type of account we want to sell. You will see a drop-down where you can choose between Instagram or Facebook. In our case we will choose Instagram and press the “Select” button.

In the next screen you will have to fill out a form asking for all the information about your account.

You will have to enter your username, the number of followers and a small description of your account. In addition here you must put a price on your account and assign a category so that buyers can find it in the search engine of the web.

Think carefully about what category to assign to your account depending on the type of publications that you will make in it.

Finally, you will have to accept the legal terms and click on the “Publish” button. The PayPal page will automatically open for you to log in and accept the payment of the fee for the service, which is $ 15 for 30 days in the list of accounts for sale.

How to buy an Instagram account

In the case of some brands or companies, it is very common to need immediate visibility on Instagram and quite fast growth. In this type of case, buying an account that already has a good number of followers can be very helpful.

If this is your case, you can buy an Instagram account from this website. To do this, you will only have to register and perform a search until you find a profile that suits your needs. You can choose between different categories and display the number of followers and the description of each account.

Now that you know how to make money selling your Instagram account, you can take profit out of accounts that you no longer use or are thinking of leaving. If instead you’re thinking about starting on Instagram in a big way, you can buy an account that already has followers related to the content you plan to publish on your profile.

You can sell and buy Instagram accounts in Fameswap.

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