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How to Disable Generative AI Search Results on Google

How to Disable Generative AI Search Results on Google
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Have you enrolled in the new SGE or Google Search Generative Experience but later found the traditional search results more effective? In that case, if you want, you will be able to disable the AI experience. And this article will let you know how to disable Generative AI search results on Google.

SGE refers to the experience you can see at the top of search results. It uses artificial intelligence to produce a complete answer to a query by using internet knowledge. In this case, you don’t even need to open a web link. Artificial intelligence can answer all your virtual queries, but it is still in its early stages.

Therefore, it will not always be accurate. Sometimes, you cannot find accurate answers, or you may like to use the traditional result page with links. Hence, you need to learn how to disable Generative AI search results on Google. Before knowing this, let’s know some details about it.

What is a Generative AI Search on Google?

Before you get to know about the generative Ai search on Google, ensure that you already have an idea about the current or conventional online search system. Before conversational AIs were launched, these search engines would display the results based on what you searched.

To decrease the search effort, SGE was launched by Google. It is in beta testing now.  SGE is considered as the first step that has been taken for changing the Google Search experience with generative AI. Using this technology allows you to see the search results in the familiar way where you can find the conversational AI-generated response on the top. Before this, Google already attempted to incorporate AI into the search experience using the feature named Google Multisearch, which people can access on their Android devices and iPhones. But SGE is a leap ahead.

SGE enables you to do these things when you search the web:
  • You can ask long queries with multiple variables to a powerful AI model.
  • It is possible to take a snapshot of the searched topic’s current state with relevant website links.
  • You can say your search questions in a conversational window where you will be able to put follow-up questions.
  • Generate creative ideas in the search box.

SGE never replaces the existing websites that are feeding top-quality content to Google Search. It can improve search quality, decrease the manual work for online research, and help you to get connected to the best online resources.

Advantages of Search Generative Experience on Google:

The benefits of it are as follows:

  • It allows you to search complex questions and get a simple answer by providing multiple facts. The special thing is that you don’t need to surf the whole internet.
  • If needed, it is possible to deep dive into website results supplementing the answer of artificial intelligence.
  • These results are more relevant to the search question.
  • You can receive answers for common topics, which are available in summary format.
  • High-quality search results can be found for shopping questions that help to make a wise decision before purchasing something.


The limitations of this Generative Experience are as follows:

  • It is still in its beta-testing phase.
  • SGE is available in the USA in US English.
  • The AI snapshot may not match sometimes with the web results.
  • It suffers from hallucination like other large language models or LLMs.
  • SGE can display the AI snapshot linked to the top-ranking website on the search.

How Does It Work?

This new AI-powered search experience displays content made by artificial intelligence along with website results, Ads, Snippets, People Also Ask, Google Knowledge Panel, etc. The aim behind this is to allow people to ask their complex & conversational questions to the Google Search engine, and you don’t need to rely on other AI tools. As a response, you will get replies similarly just like you talk to a subject matter expert. You can get a similar experience to that of the ChatGPT application. You can see that ChatGPT can’t search on the web to find out the most recent result of a complex search query with plenty of variables. But Google SGE is able to do so.

Let’s know now how it works on Google Search:

AI-Generated Snapshots:

It can display an AI-generated summary of the topic or any question that you have asked on Google’s generative AI search. It will be displayed at the top before continuing the page with related websites of improved authority on the topic.

An AI snapshot provides an overall understanding of the query that you have searched. For instance, suppose you are a biology student, and you want to know the answer to this query:

What is Charles Darwin’s Theory of Evolution?

Now you can automatically get a summary made by AI or a prompt for creating an AI snapshot. Once you know about Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution in the given summary, you can surf different websites which Google listed, or keep yourself engaged with the AI for follow-up questions for additional information.

Conversational Experience:

Google Search AI displays an option to get a whole conversational search experience. It will display the call-out buttons above & below the originally searched query:

  • Converse (available above the AI snapshot panel)
  • Ask for a follow-up (it is available below the AI summary)

Once you hit these buttons, you will get an immersive chat interface where Google Search AI will answer the questions that you have asked. It is also possible to see extra search ideas below the AI snapshot. When you search this above question, you will have these ideas:

What are the five key points of Darwin’s theory?

What proved Darwin’s theory of evolution?

Google Search can mimic the AI research assistants in this way by delivering a more natural & conversational interface.

Niche Specific Searches:

You can use Google generative AI search for shopping, local search, and other niche-specific searches. For instance, you can search this topic:

Best Apple AirPods

You can see a generative AI panel that lets you know what features to consider before purchasing an Apple AirPod. After that, it will list the most reliable shipping destinations, like Best Buy, Apple, Verizon, etc. It will also display pricing & public review scores from their individual marketplace.

Online Ads:

You can view advertisements. Besides, brands or ad agencies allow you to promote their products & services on Google Search. Ads will display the Sponsored tag when these show up. So, SGE will not end the current economy around Google Search & online ads.

Creative Search Results:

You can receive creative results from the Search Generative Experience, which the conventional internet search doesn’t provide. Suppose you want to buy a new smart air fryer that you use as an addition to the smart kitchen. On Google Search AI, you will get to see some creative ideas like showing off the item on social media or how to use this for creating YouTube videos for your channel.

Moreover, the AI snapshot will show you business ideas when you will search for a relevant question or keyword. For instance, if you find the term “life coach” on Google Search, you can get an AI-powered summary related to this topic. Additionally, there will be available some career or business ideas. Therefore, it will be quite easy for you to start a business with AI.

How to Signup:

The process to join the waitlist or request access to Search Labs programs is as follows:

  • Your first job is navigating to the Labs With Google website.
  • Then, in the Available in Labs list, you need to look for the Labs project where you wish to join.
  • After that, your task is to scroll down to the “Help shape the future of information” section for the SGE search.
  • Hit the Join Waitlist button.
  • You should sign-up by following the on-screen instructions.
  • Then, you need to wait until you get the confirmation email where Google allows you to access the Labs project.
  • Once you can access “Google’s latest experiments in Labs” portal, you can get to see the available projects that are accessible to you to beta-test.

If Google accepts you for this project, you will get to see a screen after accessing Search Labs. Users outside the US can’t join the waitlist because Labs with Google are US-only. Moreover, the users outside the US will not be able to evaluate beta testing projects like Google Search AI.

Do you want to test SEG or other Labs programs for educational & research purposes? Then, it is possible to access the Labs With Google website.

How to Activate:

Suppose you can now access the SGE program on Labs With Google. Let’s learn how to activate the feature:

First, your job is to tap on the invitation link in your email by navigating to the Search Labs. Hence, you can see a button saying Try the demos!

In an alternative way, you can visit the Search Labs.

You can view these cards on the Search Labs:

  • SGE: AI-powered Google Search
  • Code Tips: Coding tips on Google Search
  • Add to Sheets: Includes Google Search results to Google Sheets

Now, you need to slide the toggle button to the right to activate the Google Search AI features.

It is necessary to hit the I agree button on the terms & conditions that will pop-up for these three features.

Thus, you are able to activate the Google generative AI search.

Using Search Generative Experience on Google—

If SGE is turned on your Google account, you should follow these steps to use it:

  • First, you need to open, or you can use the Google Search screen on Google Chrome.
  • Then, you need to find a topic you like. Suppose you searched this:

What is quantum computing?

  • Then, you can get to see the Generative AI experimental section in the Google Search on the top, and it will be highlighted in a shade of green, pink, magenta, etc.
  • The AI snapshot of SGE will be visible now.
  • Moreover, you will get to see website cards. AI researched summaries from these cards.
  • To expand the summary, you will find a button at the AI snapshot’s top right corner.
  • Scroll down the page to see the conventional website search results based on the Google Search ranking algorithm.
  • A button with three icons: Save, Share, and Sheets, will appear when you hover the mouse cursor over the website results.
  • Tap the Sheets icon if you are willing to export the website content to a Google Sheets file for research purposes.
  • If you want a conversational experience on the search topic, tap on Converse or Ask for a follow-up.
  • While writing, Search Labs AI will be available only on the Google Chrome browser, Google Chromebooks, and Google Chromeboxes. Remember, you can not use Firefox or Edge for accessing the SGE features.

How to Use:

You can use all-new Google SGE on your smartphone and desktop. Make sure that the VPN is on if you are not a resident of the United States. Next, you should follow these steps.

  • Navigate to and type out your question. The Generative AI banner will be seen below.
  • Generative AI search Experience of Google can scour the Internet and give an answer above the web search.
  • Users are able to ask SGE follow-up questions in the Converse mode and it gives responses in kind.

Thus, it is possible to have the New AI Generative Search Experience of Google. But make sure that you are keeping VPN activated and enjoy playing around with this.

How To Disable Generative AI Search Results On Google:

If you are willing to disable the SGE on Google, you should follow these steps:

  • Your first job is to open Google Search (web).
  • Now, you have to hit the Search Labs button that you can find in the top-right corner.
  • Next, you should disable the generative AI search results by turning off the SGE toggle switch.
  • After that, for disabling AI answers for code, you need to power off the Code Tips toggle switch.
  • After completion of the process, Google won’t answer anything in search results using AI.

In this way, you will be able to disable Search Generative Experience on Google.

The Bottom Line:

You can use generative AI for generating new ideas, solving problems and so on. Along with this, generative AI helps businesses to make better decisions, and improve the customer experience. After going through this article, we hope that you have learned what is Generative AI search on Google, how to use it, how to sign up and how you can enable or disable it. For further queries or confusion, feel free to ask us via comments.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Google testing generative AI for shopping?

The try-on feature of Google allows online shoppers to see how the apparel will look on different body types from XXS to 4XL sizes.

  • What is SGE Google?

It refers to a set of search & interface capabilities that integrates generative AI-powered results into query responses of Google.

  • Why is generative AI so popular?

Generative AI can help to boost productivity and permits us to  solve complex problems along with driving innovation.


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