Steve Wozniak Warns Robots Will Make Us into Their Pets

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Steve Wozniak – Robots will make us Pets

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has warned that robots would make us into their pets since we would want to be taken care of. As reported by TechRepublic, at the technology conference, Steve Wozniak had informed that the artificial intelligence which will control the world is a cause for worry.

But he realized that it would be good since robots would choose to keep us as part of nature. Steve Wozniak further added that it would turn out to good for human and would be hundreds of years before they have the ability.

In course of time, robots would get to be aware of their place in the world and choose to keep us around, just the way we tend to keep family dogs. Wozniak indicates that if robots would want to take over the world, they would send a message wherein personal appliance and other things in the home should be internet enabled as internet of thing which is likely to be worked on by Apple together with other companies. TechRepublic reported that Steve Wozniak wants the `Internet of Things’ since it does things and he does not have to think.


Internet of Things

Steve Wozniak comments that `the Internet of Things, if it ever did want to take over the world would send a message to the computers saying, `build us the Internet of Things, that’s what we need. It makes things nice for humans, so we want this. If it turned on us, it would surprise us.

But we want to be the family pet and be taken care of all the time’. Steve Wozniak thinks human would be fine if robots take over the world since we will just be their pets. After stating earlier that the future robots powered by artificial intelligence would be bad and scary for humans and that robots would get rid of the slow humans, he staged a U-turn saying that he now thinks robots taking over would be good for the humans.

At the Free scale technology forum in Austin, he stated that they would be smarter than humans and if they tend to be smarter then they will realise that they would need us and we want to be their family pet, to be taken care of, at all time. Some high profile technology pioneers together with greatest minds of science which include Bills Gates, Elon Musk and Stephen Hawking had warned of the dangers of artificial intelligence.


Production Breakthroughs

Musk who had probably not watched Demon Seed or Transformer seemed concerned that more advanced the robot tends to get, the less respect it would have for their creators.

Steve Wozniak was in agreement with Musk with regards to super intelligence. He states that `first the machines would do a lot of jobs and not be super intelligent which should be positive if managed well. A few decades thereafter though the intelligence will be strong enough for concern’.

Musk had invested his own money of $10m in an AI firm in order to keep tab on it and has described the technology as the `biggest existential threat’. Others include the co-founder of Google’s advanced AI Company Deep Mind Mustafa Suleyman who state that the technology has already been with them, working on smartphones and computers and that they are simply `production breakthroughs’.


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