Toyota Tests Backseat Driver Software That Could Take Control in Dangerous Moments

Backseat Driver Software
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With each passing day, our lives often get vulnerable to danger or risk. So we have to be always being cautious in each step. Same goes for the way we drive in the road. Often we meet with accidents as we fail to calculate the timings in turning or overtaking some other vehicle. Taking a turn in a busy road is a daunting task for the drivers which they have to undergo every day. For this, the researchers felt the need of Backseat Driver software being installed in the car which would help in taking a smooth turn in a busy road without creating confusion or any dangers. The Backseat Driver software is still under test and is sure to run permanently in the vehicles which will safeguard the people as well as the drivers.


Cameras play a pivotal role here which is placed inside the vehicles. These cameras will keep a watch on the people and prevent them from making a mistake. These will also track the gestures, head movements as well as the gaze of the drivers.

Backseat Driver software presents inside the vehicle track the sensors’ data and in this way help in preventing a dangerous situation which can save many lives. There are many radars and sensors outside the vehicle which track what is happening outside the vehicle and on road. The Backseat Driver software is indeed very helpful even if you get distracted by something while driving. This Backseat Driver software will surely help you to bring your mind in track and drive safely.


The test is still going on by Toyota which is trying to understand the dangers or risks in and around the cars. The Backseat Driver software will track or sense whether the person is able to spot the mistake he has committed. But the company has some other plans for the customers. Toyota wants the software to take actions if the humans fail to notice the blunder they have committed while driving. The research and development team also wants to take action even if the person is not ready to take up any spontaneous action.


The Toyota team is working pretty hard to ace the market for such technology and innovations. They are planning to launch it soon in the market and this would indeed will be a new feather in their hat. The Backseat Driver software will have a great impact in the future generations who are all tech friendly. For driving, the safety is first and this Backseat Driver software will ensure this undoubtedly.

The developers claim that the lifesaving software what they call as Guardian will be successful in the long race. There will always be a toss between the drivers’ call and the software’s in a crunch situation but it is the software that would come as winner. The scientists are trying hard of how to come to a decision between the software’s decision or the driver’s call. May be in future they would make it talk to the driver for taking the right decision. So we need to wait to enjoy this ultimate pleasure of driving.

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