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Twitter Takes on Meerkat with Periscope Live-Streaming App

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Periscope live video streaming app was announced by Twitter on Thursday for the Apple iPhones. Twitter Takes on Meerkat With Periscope Live-Streaming App every one believes. This app looks like a counter measure from Twitter who is planning to take over the current internet and social media sensation “Meerkat”. Twitter users starting flooding the social network with unlimited live videos due to the overnight sensation and the rise of the Meerkat.


The acquisition of the Periscope by the social networking giant provides its app to their users for live video streaming which has become an unusually popular phenomenon now.

The social network was also able to block out Meerkat from pulling away any of their Twitter followers. Both the blockage as well as the acquisition of the Periscope clearly indicated that the social network is in no mood to let the rival take away their users and bank their business of their existing users of Twitter.

periscopeDue to this move now Periscope in a position where it is enjoying a tight bond with Twitter when compared to Meerkat. This will allow the Periscope app to be able to grow the network of their users quite rapidly when compared to Meerkat. So how does this app exactly work?

The basic foundation or the idea behind this app is the fact that the user just has to use the camera on their phone and start the live broadcast of the videos.

This video will show the total number of people currently watching the videos and each time a new person starts joining to view the video, a neat rising heart animation will display. The user has the option of clicking on this heart icon for appreciating the viewer.

Sending out many hearts will make the video ‘liked’ in the most loved section. Users also have the option of leaving comments on the videos making Periscope on the similar lines as that of YouTube. This is absolutely in line with the belief of twitter of sharing what is happening in the lives of the users right now.

Who will rule the market?

The Periscope and Meerkat are starting a new trend wherein people will broadcast everything new that happens to them through these apps. With this new trend one can say that the day is not far when a natural disaster or a huge launch is being broadcasted live through these apps.

As if now Meerkat is still ruling the market being the first of a kind of app for live video streaming. But with the backing of Twitter one can certainly hope that Periscope soon might be able to replace Meerkat.

However the drawback to Periscope seems to be lack of accessing the videos on Twitter offline as compared to Meerkat, whose videos can be, viewed offline on Twitter. Meerkat has another advantage of staring a private broadcast which only allows specific people to view the videos. With both the Meerkat as well as Periscope bringing out the live video streaming phenomenon on the smart phones, users around the world are already prepared to enjoy the same.



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