Best Power Bank for iPhone in 2021

Best Power Bank for iPhone
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Apple releases iPhone models year after year in increasing size. Therefore your smart battery case of your old iPhone could not accommodate your latest iPhone. Moreover, the iPhone battery cases are little bulky and heavy; you need to carry it all around with your iPhone even if your phone doesn’t need recharging. Therefore, you need to buy the best power bank for iPhone immediately to charge all iPhone models in one go.

I have researched and compiled a list of best power bank for iPhone with a built-in lightning cable for fast recharge for my readers. This big list has the quintessential power banks for iPhone and has some budget-friendly power banks that compete with the higher priced ones.

How to select the best power bank for your iPhone?

Finding a suitable power bank is not an arduous task. For example, Say your Apple device comes with a 1000mAh battery, and then you need to buy a power bank with higher capacity say 1500mAh or more. If you are purchasing a power bank of 4000mah, you can recharge your 1000mAh battery capacity phone four times with this power bank.

Also, The user needs to know the current drawn from your power bank. The latest phones draw 2.1 A, whereas the old ones usually draw 1.0A. Therefore it is important to buy a power bank with two USB ports with 1.0A and 2.1A output delivery. For further safety Check that model you are going to buy have these following protections:

  • OCP- Over Charge Protection
  • OTP- Over-Temperature Protection
  • OVP- Over Voltage Protection

The life span of a good quality power bank is around three years. The higher the battery capacity of the power bank, the power bank also long last.

How to read the power bank charging?

There are four LED indicators in a row.

  • If the first one is glowing stable, then your power bank charged 25%
  • And if the first two LEDs are Glowing, then your power bank charged 50%
  • Three LEDs Glowing together implies, your power bank charged 75%
  • All the four LEDs glowing indicates your power bank charged 95%

Best Power Bank for iPhone from Belkin

Belkin Boost Charge

Best Power Bank for iPhone Belkin Boost ChargeBelkin Boost Charge is a 10000 mAh power bank. Boost Charge is the first and foremost power bank designed exclusively for the iPhone and iPad. This is the first power bank that comes with MFi-certified. You can use the same lightning cable to charge your power bank as well as your iPhone. Belkin Boost Charge comes with two years warranty and another 2,500$ warranty for connected gadgets. It can render about 70 hours of battery backup support for your iPhone. It can support your iPad with a battery life of 19 hours.

Belkin offers protection from over-heat, over-voltage, and over-charge. In case of any anomaly, the built-in sensors drip and shuts down the charging automatically.


  • 4 LED lights show charge status
  • 12W Lightning port for quick power bank recharge
  • 12W USB Port to fast recharge of iPhone
  • 5W USB to Port to recharge another device

Best Power Bank for iPhone from MyCharge

MyCharge HubPlus Turbo 6700mAh

MyCharge HubPlus TurboMyCharge HubPlus Turbo 6700mAh is an all in one portable charger. It uses Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 technology for fast power delivery to your iPhone. MyCharge HubPlus Turbo 6700mAh comes with integrated iPhone cable, built-in USB-C cable, and in-built USB port. The charging cables are the thing of the past, and MyCharge HubPlus Turbo need not have any of the wires.


  • Portable charger with built-in cables
  • Universal compatibility
  • Fast Recharge
  • All-in-one power bank

MyCharge Adventure Mini

MyCharge Adventure MiniMyCharge Adventure Mini is a waterproof, ultra-slim camping charger, an ideal power bank for your iPhones and iPads. The rubberized finish comes with a water-resistant, which offers more durability in extreme conditions. The MyCharge Adventure Mini power capacity is 3350mAh, and it can charge your iPhone via micro USB cable.


  • Built-in carabiner
  • Ultra Slim Camping Charger
  • Rubberized Durable Finish
  • Built-in USB Port

Best Power Bank for iPhone from Anker

Anker PowerCore Lite 10,000 mAh

Best Power Bank for iPhone Anker is one of the trends setting American companies in power products. PowerCore Lite 10,000 mAh is a light and compact portable charger. With the help of exclusive PowerIQ and VoltageBoost technologies employed, quick and safer charging is possible. PowerCore Lite 10,000 is a slim lightweight when compared with other products in the market.


  • High-speed charging
  • Surge protection
  • Short circuit Prevention
  • 18 months warranty


  • USB-C Cable, lighting cable not provided
  • AC adapter not included
  • The two ports cannot be used at the same time
  • The LED will remain green when trickle mode is on, regardless of the battery charge position

Anker PowerCore Fusion Portable Charger

Anker PowerCore Fusion 

Anker PowerCore Fusion The Anker PowerCore Fusion Portable Charger is a high-speed portable wall charger. When connected to the wall outlet, it recharges your gadgets then it recharges itself within 2.5 hours.


  • High-speed charging
  • Combines the battery and charger


  • No cables provided

Best Power Bank for iPhone from iMuto

iMuto 30000mAh Portable Charger X6

Best Power Bank for iPhone iMuto Portable ChargeriMuto 30000mAh Portable Charger X6 comes with an enormous capacity of 30000mAh. Therefore it meets the needs of more gadgets and more days. It is the best choice for travelers, business peoples, and outdoor activities. IM-power technologies used in this power bank detect your iPhone intelligently and quickly recharge it.


  • More power capacity
  • Three device output
  • Universal compatibility
  • Multiple Smart Protection System
  • Fits for all USB-powered gadgets

Best Power Bank for iPhone from Poweradd 

Poweradd Pilot 2GS 10,000mAh

Poweradd Pilot 2GSPoweradd Pilot 2GS 10,000mAh is a sturdy power bank with a stylish look. It is made up of high-quality aviation-grade aluminum to protect it from scrapes and scratches, thereby protecting the power bank from an accidental drop. Poweradd Pilot 2GS 10,000mAh automatically recognizes your gadget when connected.


  • Lightweight, Sturdy 10000mAh Power Bank
  • Automatic Detection for high-speed charging
  • Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0
  • Poweradd Pilot 2GS has a 5V/3A USB-C output
  • Universal Compatibility with USB-C and Micro USB ports

Best Power Bank for iPhone from Aukey

Aukey power bank 20,000mAh

Best Power Bank for iPhone Aukey power bankAukey power bank 20,000mAh is a large capacity, good looking power bank with a sturdy design. Comes with USB-C, Lightning, and Micro-USB charging options. Slim design with matte finish helps for a comfortable hold. Aukey power bank 20,000mAhcome with in-built technology protects your device from excessive current, overcharging, and overheating.


  • Low-Current Charging Mode- Charge low current devices like wireless headphones
  • Broader compatibility

Best Power Bank for iPhone from RAVPower 

RAVPower 10000mAh Power Bank

Best Power Bank for iPhone RAVPower 10000mAh Power BankRAVPower 10000mAh Power Bank is very light and portable. The user can charge two phones at a time. Its iSmart intelligent system enables fast charging and protects the devices from over-charge, short circuit, and over current.


  • Ultra-thin
  • Dual USB Output
  • ismart Charge Safety
  • Scratch-resistant shell

Best Power Bank for iPhone from Veho

Veho Pebble P1 Pro

Veho Pebble P1 ProVeho Pebble P1 Pro is compatible with the USB- C devices. It has a fast 2.1A charging output to charge your iPhone and other smart gadgets. Veho Pebble P1 Pro comes with 10,400mAh. It has two USB output ports.


  • Best 10,400mAh Lithium-ion Polymer battery
  • Dual 2.1A USB outputs and one USB- C Port
  • Universal USB charger
  • MFi Apple authorized Lightning Cable

Best Power Bank for iPhone from NOVOO

NOVOO Power Bank 22,500mAh

NOVOO Power Bank 22,500mAh comes with 2 USB ports, 85w output, 81Wh universal charger compatible with Apple gadgets. The compact small and cylindrical model makes it to handle easily. More importantly, it is eligible to carry with you in planes (FAA approved lithium Batteries used). In addition, Surge and short circuit protection ensure the safety of gadgets charged. Moreover, It comes with a one year warranty.


  • Charges three devices at a time
  • USB Type-C, USB-A, and AC Outlet ensure compatibility with any gadgets
  • Convenient design
  • Added safety
  • Moshi Porto Q 5K

Best Power Bank for iPhone from Moshi 

Moshi Porto Q 5K Power bank

Moshi Porto Q 5K Power bankMoshi Porto Q 5K power bank comes with a built-in wireless charger. So charge your iPhone wirelessly where ever you go. Once plug it on the wall mount, the built-in wireless charger charges your iPhone and the power bank battery simultaneously. If any foreign object is detected on the wireless charging pad, charging is disabled immediately to ensure safety.


  • Charges all devices that support wireless charging
  • 5000mAh capacity
  • Overheat protection and Smart LED control
  • Included USB-C to USB-A ports to use as a regular charger

Best Power Bank for iPhone from Elefull

Elefull-E 30,000mAh power bank

Best Power Bank for iPhone in 2020Elefull-E 30,000mAh power bank is a safe and smart system power bank. The in-built mechanism protects the charging device from over-heating, overcharging, and excessive current.


  • Comes with two USB Ports
  • Built-in Flashlight

Best Power Bank for iPhone from Mophie

 Mophie PowerStation Plus XL

Best Power Bank for iPhone Mophie PowerStation Plus XL 8,000 mAh universal battery with integrated lightning cable can deliver up to 18 W of power to speed up your iPhone recharge. You can charge up to three Apple products in a row. In addition, It comes with a wireless charging pad. Mophie PowerStation Plus XL 8,000 mAh universal battery comes with two years warranty.


  • Wirelessly charge any Qi-enabled iPhone
  • Charge multiple devices
  • Lightweight
  • Premium Fabric Finish

Best Power Bank for iPhone from MI

Xiaomi 10,000mAh Power Bank Pro

Xiaomi 10,000mAh Power Bank Pro is sleek and elegant. The sturdy housing keeps the batteries safe. It has one USB A port and one USB C port.In addition, It offers two-way charging. Moreover, Low power devices can be safely charged with this power bank. With 18W fast charging, it intelligently adjusts the power delivery within the charging devices.


  • Over-voltage Protection
  • Protection from Over-charge and Over-discharge
  • Protect from Incorrect Insertion
  • Short Circuit Protection

With this post’s help, you can find a Best Power Bank for iPhone available in the market.


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