Best Car Accessories and Gadgets in 2021

Best Car Accessories
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 Every day, there are plenty of car accessories pouring into the market, both online and offline. It is not hard to find cool car accessories for your vehicle. Let us discuss a few of the best car accessories available for your car needs here in this blog post.

What are Car accessories?

In this technology-driven modern world, almost everyone owns a luxury car, SUV, or truck. These modern cars need some type of car accessories to enhance its performance, safety, security, styling, or other things. For high-class maintenance or effective performance, there are plenty of best car accessories available in the market. Some car accessories needed to fit inside the car to make your driving safe and convenient.

Why we need the best car accessories?

There are so many benefits to using car accessories. These car accessories provide your car a top-notch look. Some car accessories protect your vehicle from wear and tear. And some car accessories help you to maintain your vehicle thoroughly and improve their excellent performance.

Best Car Accessories:  Most Useful Accessories for a New Car

Gear Lock:

Gear Lock

Car security is every car owner’s concern. Gear Lock is the best anti-theft car device other than the electronic lock that cuts the power to the fuel pump. Nowadays, the thieves become smarter, and somehow they find the techniques to lift the car quickly with technology advancement. To outperform them, the Manual Gear Lock is the best-suited one, which ensures they could not put into gear. So the locked gear makes the car immobile. Since the locks are hard to break, the thieves have to put extra effort break open it without being unnoticed.

The main advantage of the gear lock system is purely mechanical, and they won’t rely on the electric power supply of the car. Therefore there is no possible system error or malfunction. It does not occupy much space when not in use but very simple to operate. High tempered materials used so the criminals could not meddle with it. The keys cannot be duplicated. Moreover, they have a maintenance-free mechanism. Most of the gear locks lock your gear rod in reverse geared conditions, which makes the criminals not drive forward.

Reverse Parking Sensors:

Best Car Accessories The parking sensors are nothing but the proximity sensors to assist the driver to park the car safely. This typical driver assistance system fitted in the front and back bumpers of the vehicle. The rear parking sensors get activated when the reverse gear gets engaged. It sends ultrasonic waves once they get activated. When the ultrasonic waves hit the nearby object, they reflected and picked up again by the sensors. The Engine management system read the returned signals distance of the obstacle and alert the driver by sound. If the driver moves further towards the obstacle, the intensity of the sound intensifies to caution the driver. The latest reverse parking sensors come with a camera for a more accurate view.

It reduces the blind spot before and behind the car easing the problematic task of parking it in narrow space.

Reverse Parking Sensors Improves the driver’s perception behind the car so that it minimizes the chances of damage. They have some limitations; if the sensors or the camera covered with mud or soil, it won’t function properly.

Cabin Air Filter:

Cabin Air FilterThe main reason for the cabin AC filter is to filter pollution in the air entering the cabin through the AC ducts. The ambient air coming in through the air ducts allowed to pass through the Cabin Air Filter before entering the cabin. The AC filter filters the allergens, dust, and dirt from the air safely. The filtered air only allowed passing through the cooling air blower of the AC unit. The air filter must be periodically checked for clogging.

Headlight Upgrade:

Headlight UpgradeThe headlight upgrade is very crucial for your old model cars. Replacing your old halogen headlight bulbs with LED bulbs or high-intensity discharge bulbs can replace your dull beamed light into a brighter, precise white or blue beam. Doing this headlight upgrade, in the right way, can give you brighter headlights that improve your night vision without blinding the other drivers who drove on the opposite side. The LED lights are more efficient than halogen bulbs. LED headlight offers more brightness and less heat using the same energy used as that of Halogen bulbs.

Depending on the budget, the car model, you can upgrade to HID Bulbs with Projector or LED Headlights. HID Bulbs with Projector does not come with a filament but uses HID Ballast to glow and provide light. LED lights, better designed to deliver more whitish light and styling appeal. The brightness of HID Bulbs with the Projector is better than the LED headlights.

For better night vision, HID with Projector is the best one compared with Halogen light or LED lights. If you upgrade to HID Bulbs with Projector form, Halogen bulbs may need rewiring and installing ballast depending on the model of your car. If you are opting for LED lights, your headlight assembly must come with projectors instead of reflector assemblies, hence consult an electrician before replacing.

Mobile Charger:

In your vehicle, you can charge your Smartphone in two ways. Either you can charge it using the cigarette lighter or the USB port available in your car. Using your mobile phone charging card, you can directly use the USB adaptor. You have to use some special adaptors available in the best car accessories market for using a Cigarette lighter. But the cigarette lighter adaptor will charge your mobile phone faster than the USB adaptor. Since cigarette lighter adaptor uses 12V current, it charges quickly.

Best Car Mobile Mount Holder:

Car Mobile Mount HolderIf your car is not equipped with live navigation support from Android Auto or the Apple Car Play, you need to buy a car mobile mount. As your vehicle lacks live navigation support, you have to rely on Google Maps or the Apple maps available on your Smartphone. Hence need to buy the best car mobile mount holder to use your Smartphone as a navigation system. They help you to place your Smartphone securely on the Dashboard or the windshield of your vehicle. They not only keep the phones secured but also help you to obey the law. Do not go with the cheap product. Go with the branded and reputed one to withstand the extreme weather conditions.

You have to consider a few things before buying a suitable Mobile mount holder. If your windshield rises steeply from the Dashboard, then you cannot use the windshield mount holder. And if your car dashboard is not uniform, then you cannot use the Dashboard mount holder. In some cars, the air vent blade may be thin. In that case, you cannot opt for an air vent phone holder. Suppose if your mobile phone is heavy, better go with the cradle type of holder. Additionally, check the ability to rotate the phone and that conveniently mounting your phone with charging port visible.

Best Car Accessories for Security:

Car security alarm system:

Your car is not just a means for transportation; it is a trusted companion. It is one of your most valuable assets. Hence the best way is to protect your car from criminals by fitting with a car alarm. The car security alarm system is nothing but up-gradation of your car central lock with a security alarm. If any criminal tries to break open your car in an unauthorized way, the security alarm will buzz off to alert yourself and others. Though the car security alarms system developed a century ago, there is no much development in its design or shape.

Since the federal government notified it was not mandatory, only a few vehicles came out of factories fitted with the car security alarm system. So most of the car owners purchase car alarms separately from the aftermarket vendors both online and offline. The reason why most of the people go behind it is for its price. Car security alarm systems are very cheap compared with more advanced car immobilization systems that fit in most of the cars rolled out of the factory today.

Car Immobiliser

The car immobilizer is an electronic car security gadget that protects your car. The car immobilizer does not allow you to start your car without a key. Thanks to technology.

In the latest car immobilizer, microchips are embedded into the Engine control unit (ECU) and the key. This system will not activate the fuel pump and the car ignition system unless the right key is used. The latest immobilizer prevents your vehicle from starting without receiving the signal from your electronic key.

The transponder in the ignition key sends signals to your Car ECU when the ignition is switched on. If the code sent through the signal is valid, the electronic immobilizer releases the engine to start. These types of immobilizers help protect your car from hot-wiring theft.

Car GPS Tracking Device:

Car GPS Tracking Device

The GPS car tracking device ensures the safety of your vehicle. Their live tracking facility protects and monitoring your car from theft. Even you can lock or unlock your vehicle from a remote location, and it cannot be moved without your permission. The GPS tracking system alerts you whenever your car gets started. You can quickly locate your vehicle in the parking lot with the help of a GPS tracking system of your car.

Special Features:

  • Real-Time Tracking
  • Engine Disabling
  • Tracking from more than one resource
  • SOS Alert

Some of the top brands are Burton, Motosafety, and Americaloc.

Best Car Accessories for Safety:

Front Fog Lights:

Best Car Accessories Fog Lights

The extreme weather condition like heavy rain or fog, tremendously affect visibility on the road and make the driving very hard. If your car is fitted with the right lights, you can overcome the issue safely. That is why fog lights are one of the essential car accessories for safety. The working of fog lights is not the same as that of the headlights. Usually, the fog lights are mounted very low as for as possible near bumper.

A fog light designed to emit parallel, wide bar beam yellow light that prevents the reflection of the light due to fog. The fog lights slightly angled to face the ground to avoid reflection due to fog or rain. Moreover, the fog lights are not mandatory, so the car owners need to pay for it additionally or procure from the car accessories market.

Auto-Dimming IRVM

Auto-Dimming IRVMThe Auto-Dimming IRVM increases the driver’s safety by eliminating the glare that can obstruct the driver’s clear vision. And the Auto-Dimming IRVM or the auto-dimming mirror technology uses look forward sensors to detect the low-intensity light from the headlights of the trailing cars behind. Once identified, the rearview sensor looks for glare. The rearview mirrors at the top of the windshield, and the two exterior side mirrors darkens automatically in proportion to the intensity of the glare. Everything will be cleared and functions as a regular rearview glasses once the rearview sensor no longer detects the glare. Auto-Dimming IRVM work on the principle of Electrochromatism.


  • It reduces the strain eyes of the driver
  • Improve the safety of the Driver and the Vehicle
  • Enhance the night visibility

Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

The TPMS or the tire pressure monitoring is an electronic device to monitor the air pressure inside the pneumatic tires of your car. Tyre Pressure Monitoring System reports real-time tire-pressure statistics on the Dashboard of the vehicle either by Gauge or a pictogram. TPMS helps you manage well tire wear and tear, fuel efficiency (cars running on under-inflated tires consume more fuel), and avoid accidents.

There are two types of TPMS, direct and Indirect. Indirect TPMS is working on data based on external systems such as ABS/ESC. They evaluate the tire pressure using the wheel speed, spectrum analysis, accelerometer, etc. Since they are not using any physical pressure sensors, the result may not be the exact one.

Tire Pressure Monitoring System

In Direct TPMS, each tire pressure is directly measured using hardware sensors. The sensor fits into the valve feeds the data, including the tire temperature to the cars onboard computer. Direct TPMS display individual tire pressure in real-time. THE direct TPMS system is a costly one.

Advantage of fitting the TPMS:

  • Fuel savingExtended tire life
  • Improved safety

Car Jump Starter

Best Car Accessories Car Jump StarterCar Jump Starter is a simple portable tool that can be used to start a car with a drained battery. When the Jump Starter connected with the drained battery of the vehicle using the clamps provided with them, it works as an additional battery and supplies electricity and starts the engine in no time. Once the car engine starts, the drained battery can take care of the standard functions, and the JumpStart can be removed. The significant advantage of a Car Jump Starter is no mechanical skill is needed. The driver himself can do the things single handily. The car starts in a minute. The Car Jumpstarter is a live saver on the road.

First aid kit

First aid kit is necessary at the car so that you can treat the injured person on the road. Most medical kids serve as the essential supply and means of assistance until the further medical team arrives. The first aid kid helps you to treat minor injuries and cuts.

Best Car Accessories- Other Convenience

Rearview camera (Reversing Camera)

Rearview cameraRearview camera or a backup camera is adding a measure of safety and convenience when reversing. Most of the late-model cars are not fitted with Rear View Camera. If your vehicle is not so equipped with the one aftermarket retrofit is available. Reversing camera is a particular type of video camera specifically made to fit the rear side of the vehicle to assist the driver for backing up and alleviating the blind spot on the rear side of the car. The latest Rearview camera comes with a higher viewing angle, infra night vision, and weather resistance.

Car Bluetooth Kit

Bluetooth is a mandatory add-on in every new car. If your vehicle is an old one doesn’t equip with Bluetooth. Adding a Bluetooth kit to your car’s auxiliary audio input jack, you can enjoy the wave of technology.

Best Car Accessories for Car Styling 

Anti Rust Coating for Car  

Though it cannot be predefined as an accessory, it is very much crucial for the strength and durability of the car underbody. If you are staying near the seaside, where high humidity prevails, your car’s underbody will corrode to avoid that your car’s underbody must be coated with anti-rust coating. Usually, the car’s underbody exposed to muddy water, stones, potholed roads, and other vulnerable obstacles on the way. So the underbody quickly erodes and rusts. To protect the underbody from rusting, and to increase the underbody’s life, an anti-rust coating is much needed.

Roof Wrap

Roof Wrap

Recently, roof wraps are more popular, simply because they are affordable. The roof wraps give your car elegance, and it stands out of the crowd.

Best Car Accessories alloy wheels


Alloy Wheels are lighter in weight but more robust and shinier than the traditional steel wheels. Though the alloy wheels are more expensive than the steel wheels, they have more advantages. They are strong and lighter. Their less weight delivers more power in acceleration and quick braking. Moreover, they offer less strain on the suspensions. Since they dissipate the heat from the brake system, the life of braking components may extend.

Car Chrome Styling: 

For an eye-catching car styling, Chrome accessories are a perfect way. They are coming with brilliant shine and easily complement the original style. You can chrome all parts of your car from Bumper to Bumper, including the taillights.

Car Door Visor

Most of the new car owners prefer to fix car door visors for their cars. The car door visor deflects the wind and light rain. You can enjoy the rain and wind with more comfort. The door visor is one of the most useful practical fittings for your car. The door visors help you to enjoy the rain with the windows kept open. They block the sun rays that come in the sideways. It deflects the wind and improves the aerodynamic stance of the vehicle.

Seat Cover:

Seat covers help you to protect your seats from damage from kids, dogs, and spills. A good quality seat cover can keep your seats suitable for many years. You can control the Temperature with the Temperature Controlled seat covers. They are useful in extreme weather conditions.

There are so many must have best car accessories available in the market let us discuss about them in some other cool car gadgets post later this week.

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