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Chrome Extensions Android: How to Install It on Your Mobile

Chrome Extensions Android
Written by prodigitalweb

Do you know what an extension is? An extension is one type of software program. It allows users to know about the working procedure of chrome. Chrome web browser is very popular to all. And it becomes incomparable when we use the combination of chrome and web store. Here are some best tips to use Chrome Extensions Android.

You can get the Chrome extension for Android in the web store. Anyone can go for the download and installation of Chrome extensions. Besides, the chrome extension for personal computer is also available. But it is a rumor that there is no way for installing chrome extensions on Android.

Here, we are going to elaborate a brief information about the Chrome extensions android.

Want to know how you can install Chrome extensions on Android Mobile? Then, look underneath to know more about the downloading and installing procedure.

Procedure to install Chrome Extensions  Android Mobile:

Here, we are providing a few steps. By following these instructions, you can come to learn the installation process of Chrome extensions Android.

Step 1: First, what thou have to do is to download the Yandex browser.

Step 2: After that, you need to open ‘‘ to get Chrome Web Store android extensions. And for this, thou have to enter it in that box where the URL is available.

Step 3:  After getting the extension, click on the option named ‘Add to Chrome.’

But while doing this, there are a few aspects that you need to notice. The Google Chrome extensions that are available in the web browser have some limitations. And therefore, you get to see that the Yandex browser is not effective for all types of chrome extensions. There are also similar extensions available that offer the same facilities. This browser will allow you to utilize the chrome extensions on Android.

 PC Chrome Extensions on Android

It has been a long time since there is no connection between android Chrome and PC Chrome. To know the latest updates about this, have a look at the chrome extension Android.

The process of installing the chrome extensions Android:

Are you going to compare the Android chrome extensions  and PC Chrome extensions? Then, you can meet with a big difference. You can get new features while using the latest version. The old version is unable to provide such facilities. You can take the help of extensions to increase the power of old version.

  • Download the new version of Kiwi Browser:

  • Kiwi Browser is available on the Play Store. One can get this for free. However, the latest version is not available in the market.
  • First, install the updated Play Store version.
  • Then, open the Apps menu, and select the Kiwi Browser. Sometimes it happens that the mobile doesn’t allow unknown sources. For this, thou need to watch carefully. And download that file of the Kiwi browser.
  • When your job of downloading is going to complete, open the file.
  • Then, click on the finish option.
  • At last, press the “Install” option.

Enable Developer Mode

After the installation process, open the application and put the necessary details in the address bar.

Install Your Favorite Extensions

  • After getting an extension, select the “Add to Chrome” button.
  • Next, one popup will appear in front of you.
  • Then, go to the OK option to select it. It will ask you to add chrome extensions  on Android. Thus, you can get the extension properly.

Manage Your Extensions

  • Thou can get to see the chrome extensions Android on desktop after adding this.
  • Then, go to the menu to fix the management problem.
  • Next, what you have to do is to go for the triple-dot options. These are available in the upper-right corner of your screen.
  • Then, enable the extensions on the next page. Thus, you can see your added attachments on that page. It allows you to disable also. Or you can go to the explore option available in settings. Besides, thou can uninstall them from your device.


The very next browser after the chrome is Firefox. You can use it free of cost. Many people use it as default also. We are fortunate that it has such features of adding extensions. But there are some limitations in this case too.  Usually, you will not face any hassle while using this extension. But a few users find difficulties while adding extensions to Firefox. In case, you are in need of a speedy and secure web browser, then Firefox can come to your favor. The greatest advantages of using Firefox are it alerts the users while downloading a Malware file.

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