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com.qualcomm.atfwd: What is Com Qualcomm Atfwd Service?

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com.qualcomm.atfwd is generally available on most of the android mobile devices. Here, you can get to know its importance, why you need to uninstall it, the problems you can face due to this, etc. When you buy a phone, a few apps are installed already. These apps start running on your phone as soon as you open your device.

What is a Qualcomm Device? 

Smartphones designed by Qualcomm Technologies Inc come with a suite of systems available on-chip (SoC) semiconductor products. It is known as Snapdragon. People use these for netbooks, cars, wearable devices, and many other cases.

What is com.qualcomm.atfwd? 

In recent times, generally, mobile devices come with a screen mirroring facility. It is when the app comes to its use. People use it for the qualcomm Wi-Fi display.

com.qualcomm.atfwd service is Qualcomm’s Wi-Fi display. It allows your Android phone display to mirror on any device like Monitor, Television, Smart TV, or any other bigger display without internet. It works on the same Wi-Fi network. Most of the latest android Smartphones come with screen mirroring functionality. It works as a receiver between your mobile phone and the bigger display to make the screen mirroring possible. The connected devices, both your Smartphone and smart TV, do not need internet. But they need to be connected to the same wireless network.

This service works as the interface between the Wi-Fi screen capturing service of the Smartphone and the TV Wi-Fi receiver. It indicates that the service will work when you turn on your Mobile Wi-Fi but don’t use the internet Wi-Fi.

You don’t need a Wi-Fi Internet connection to mirror as the service enables you to do so.Usually, services are available on mobile devices as the standard naming conversion. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to identify whether it is an external service or a company-made service. Generally, the services available in the mobile devices use naming as com.<<companyname>>.<<servicename>>.

In this case, you can mirror your mobile phone to a big screen like a Television. After that, you have to look for those applications that help mirror your device on the Television.

com.qualcomm.atfwd APK Download:

 Do you have any Samsung Android phones like the Galaxy S series? Then, there is a high probability that your phone comes with the app pre-installed. However, if you want, you can download it by going to a few other app stores.

Which are the Problems Reported for com.qualcomm.atfwd?

The service is usually safe to use and doesn’t come with any malware. Still, according to some users, the service causes some issues in their devices when they install it on their smartphones.

High Mobile Data Consumption: People ask that bloatware like the service consume the mobile data considerably because it continuously runs in the background.

Battery Drain: Due to running in the background continuously, the app drains a lot of battery. This effect can decrease the overall battery life span of your mobile device.

Pop-up Ads: The service displays the pop-up ads on the lock screen. However, you don’t get any proof regarding this. If you want to get a solution to this issue, then you have to disable the service. You can then enable it while you want to mirror the Screen.

However, sometimes you can find the same issue persisting on your mobile device. Therefore, the service doesn’t always cause problems.

We cannot provide sufficient information regarding the problems mentioned above. It is because the service doesn’t drain excessive battery while running in the background. If you are facing troubles due to the service, let us know.

What is Screen Sharing? 

It is a feature of your mobile device that enables you to see the media you are watching on your mobile on your TV. This feature allows you to mirror multiple things such as images, videos, youtube, games, FPS, etc. It helps to broadcast these on your TV. You can get almost all elements on a screen using the service.

As a result, you will get complete control over the visibility of the desktop. The service offers you a guarantee of privacy. However, you need to know that screen sharing, screencasting, and Screen capturing are different things. These may sound similar but different in features.

What is Screen Mirroring?

It works similarly to screen sharing. The feature allows you to broadcast pictures, videos, FPS, Netflix, YouTube, and many more to the Smart TV from your handsets.The technology is available in different software developments such as Miracast, Airplay, etc.

However, people sometimes get confused with few anonymous terminologies when they use the Screen mirroring feature.

What is Screencasting?

Screencasting is a digital video recording of your computer or your mobile screen output. It usually includes the audio. It also called as video screen capture or a screen recording. The screencasting is a movie of the changes over time that a user sees on the screen.

Screen Mirroring vs. Screencasting:

Plenty of confusion is there in people’s minds when they are using ”screen mirroring” and ”screencasting.” A few people interchange the terms, although they are not the same. With the help of Screen mirroring, you can see your mobile screen on a larger screen like Television. However, you are not capable of using the device for other purposes. In short, when you mirror the Screen, both screens (mobile and TV) remain the same, and you could not use your device. On the other hand, in screencasting, you can use your mobile device for different purposes like connecting to other devices.

The Process to Find Com.qualcomm.atfwd:

Do you want to find the application on your mobile device? Then, follow the steps.

  • First, open the Settings of your phone.
  • Then, select the Apps option after going there.
  • Now, you can look for the app.

 Use for Gaming:

Is there no one in your home? Do you want to play games with high noise on your TV? Then, the service is the right Option for you as it can cast the game to the TV without creating any problem.

Before using the Screen mirroring technology for gaming purposes, you must confirm that your mobile supports Miracast. It is a wireless display adapter. You need to plug it into the HDMI port of your TV. Then, send the input process to the display adapter. Now, a list of items appears on the screen of your device. Go to the list and then choose the adapter option. Thus, you can make a connection to the PC with your mobile device.

Here, we have given a few benefits and drawbacks of screencasting.

Screencasting Merits:

Easily accessible: Nowadays, in the Covid-19 times, people are more at home instead of going outside. Therefore, using it for gaming can make your life more enjoyable. It allows you to attend the meetings of your office. With the help of this, you can view these in high definition.

Other Added Options: It offers a few additional options such as screen mirroring software, screen recording options, etc. The app enables you to use these when you are in an important meeting.

Screencasting Limitations:

Compatible with other devices: It is not compatible with any device quickly. That means people are sometimes unable to pair devices with different brands with ease. A few televisions, as well as android devices, are there that offer you auto-pairing. The problem is that the app can make connections with other devices. In order to solve the issue, third-party apps can be used. However, these can create issues such as battery drainage and reducing the speed of the mobile device.

Screen Mirroring Applications That You Can Use Com qualcomm atfwd?

The app doesn’t interfere with the functions of any other system app. Non-users of this system app also face the battery drainage problem. However, you can uninstall it if you are sure that you will never use Screen mirroring on your phone.


This software offers you 256 bit AES. Besides, it provides you much higher data compatibility. The app is compatible with both Wi-Fi and phone data. What makes it attractive is that you can get unlimited Screen mirroring time. Therefore, you can have the fun of mirroring as much as you want. You can get additional options for data usage. Besides, it offers features such as remote controllability and assists you with troubleshooting and parent devices.


The primary objective of the app’s design is for the multi-platform PC screen mirroring software. It is compatible with almost all various devices such as Android, PC, and IOS. Besides, the app also enables you to use it for telecasting different displays for Airplay and Miracast. You can get a wireless connection to all types of devices. If you want, you can set the Pincode to access it.

Mirroring Assist:

With the help of this, you can make bookmarks in your system to screen mirroring. The app can support PCs also make it very special. Using the app, you can find any option easily. Besides, it has a QR code scanning facility. While you mirror your device screen using the app, it records the Screen simultaneously. As it is saved in the app’s storage, it enables you to review this at any time you prefer. If you need, you can set a password to strengthen the security. However, if you don’t want to use any passwords, don’t do this.

Some Other Apps:

Samsung smart view:

This application allows you to connect with Smart TV. It comes with a remote-control function along with a playlists option. The app enables you to connect it with merely Samsung smart TV and its mobile products. If you want to connect your Samsung Smart TV with other products, you need to use the Reflector 3.


Along with offering a Screen mirroring facility, the application provides you a whiteboard for note-taking. It can support up to four devices to mirror simultaneously. Although it does not have an emulator, people use it for gaming. You can use this on various types of devices. The application is compatible with iPhone/iPad and other intelligent devices such as VR and AR. You can use the normal version of the application to mirror the screen, record it, and take a screenshot. In order to get additional valuable services, you have to use the premium version.


The app offers Screen mirroring services which are quite the same as dual screening. You can broadcast content to Facebook, YouTube, Twitch, and UStream directly using the app.

If you want to eliminate any app or any service, you have to know its use. For this, you have to set the battery usage. By doing so, you get to know whether it drains the battery or uses the resources of any app. Here, we have given names of a few system apps that are available on your mobile. We have explained the functions of these apps.

System Apps:

Com.qualcomm.qcrilmsgtunnel: The function of this phone dialer app is to manage contacts on your phone.

Com.qualcomm.shutdownlister: It works like a signal analyzer. With the help of this, you can shut down your Smartphone. Don’t eliminate it from your device. Otherwise, it can ruin your phone. You can keep your cellphone closed till the app is not installed again.

Google apps: A few google apps send update notifications and warning notifications with the help of small apps. Never try to delete the apps or try to force stop them. Otherwise, it can harm your phone.

Com.qualcomm.atfwd: atfwd is a WIFI displayer. The app is not so necessary to keep on the mobile device. Besides, it doesn’t affect any changes to essential services. People who are miracast users need the app most. You must not uninstall this app.

Fix Error Com.qualcomm.atfwd:

Greenifying it:

Whether you have a non-rooted phone, you don’t need to root it. The application Greenify assists people in managing apps. Whether you want to undergo hibernation, push off a few apps that you don’t use. The app can power off app functions temporarily. Along with this, you can retrieve it at any time you prefer. It is an app analyzer using which you can see the battery usage of any specific application. The app asks you only regarding the essential battery draining and background running apps. However, if you wish, you can force hibernate.

Set up Greenify:

  • First, you have to go to the Greenify app and open it. Then, move to the initial setup page.
  • After that, select the option “my device is not rooted.”
  • You need to grant permission to hibernate any type of app. After granting permission, the app helps you to analyze all the apps. It can display what apps require hibernation.
  • If you don’t permit it, you can hibernate any other app that doesn’t require hibernation. As a result, it can cause increased errors and bugs. Due to this attempt, the app can prevent some critical services. It is an essential step to do.
  • After that, choose the “+” icon. Then, your job is to select the “show more apps” Option from the drop-down list.
  • The list will show you all the applications that you can hibernate on.
  • When you uninstall it completely, check the basic android services if it works. You need to check features such as transferring data via WIFI and USB, synchronizing telephoning, and deep sleep.

Data Transfer through Wi-Fi and USB:

If you have such a device that has pre-installed bloatware, then it can prevent data transfer. These tasks can be helpful during the checking process.

Deep Sleep:

After completing the installation, multiple devices don’t allow you to do deep sleep. In case your phone goes to Deep sleep, confirm that the application is no more.

Are you not a screen mirroring user? If not, then you don’t need to use the app. There are a few imitations that can be harmful to your device. However, if you are a Screen mirroring user, then it can be helpful to you. Use the app properly, taking benefit of various applications and software that are available for Screen mirroring. You generally get this bloatware type in almost all devices. In case you find the app disturbing, uninstall it.

Can you uninstall com.qualcomm.atfwd?

 Yes, it is possible to uninstall or disable the service. In most cases, the process works fine. However, you can face issues while using the Screen mirroring app.

  • Your first job is to turn on your android mobile.
  • After that, move to the menu option.
  • Next, look for the settings option.
  • After getting the Option, tap on this. Once you tap on the Option, you can see various options. After that, tap on the Apps option.
  • Now, your task is to tap on the All apps option. Then, you need to look for it.
  • Finally, you have to tap on the service and then uninstall or stop it.

com.qualcomm.atfwd Meaning?

It is an android system app that comes with a screen mirroring feature. The feature offers you benefits using Wi-Fi. If you want, you can take the help of a third-party screen mirroring app also rather than using any system feature. Still, you have to take the help of it to make the connection between both devices. Disable the app; in case you don’t want to have the feature on your mobile device. Don’t worry, as it does not cause any impact on the functionality of any other device.

How to Delete com.qualcomm.atfwd:

 Force stops the app whether it is creating problems such as battery draining. After doing this, you have to check if the problem gets fixed. In case it doesn’t work, then delete it. Keep in mind that you can’t use the Screen mirroring feature of your device after that. While doing this, you need to follow the on-screen prompts.

In case you are unable to force stop, then take the help of a third-party Android app. System app remover, Android debug bridge (ADB) are a few examples of command-line tools to communicate with Android devices using a computer. Remember that you need to root your device to use the third-party app System App Remover.

Is com.qualcomm.atfwd Bloatware?

 Yes, it is bloatware but not a virus. Mobile vendors are not the ones who install these apps on the phone to offer additional features.

Bloatware is not a virus. In short, we need fonts while reading any language. Our devices come with these pre-installed font apps. You can get the system app available on almost all android phones. Therefore, it becomes easier for you to mirror the display screen.


It is essential to understand the technology as it is the first requirement you should have. The reason is that if you don’t have proper knowledge, multiple errors, misconceptions, and unnecessary complications might happen. That is why you should learn about the software, such as its benefits, drawbacks, etc., like your research before buying anything.

This article gives elaborated details of the built-in app, its uses, pros, and cons, uninstallation procedure, solution for fixing, etc. We hope you have some basic idea about the application now. Many people are there who give foundationless reasons. Like they say that the issues arise due to third-party apps or the operating system. Ensure that you have a genuine reason before disabling the application.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  •  Can you eliminate com.qualcomm.atfwd safely?

As it is a Bloatware or system app, it doesn’t cause problems while removing. The proper functioning of your device does not depend on the system app.

  • What should you do when you don’t find the app?

If you don’t find the built-in app on your phone, download it from the web. You need to ensure that you are using legitimate links.

  • Should you disable this pre-installed app?

 It doesn’t create any issue while you disable it. Disable it when you find the app interfering with your device activities or running in the background continuously. Whether the problem is still present, either reboot your phone or check your phone with its provider.


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