How to Use Your Xbox One Controller with a PC

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The Xbox One Controller is a highly powerful, swift and elegant primary controller manufactured by Microsoft for its Xbox One console. As per the design it is quite similar to the earlier controller version Xbox 360.

It comes with a smooth and rich directional pad with four-way design and its battery compartment has been extremely slimmer for better game-play experience. It is believed that Microsoft had invested a whooping amount of $100 million for refining and improving the controller design for its Xbox one console. All the Xbox controllers possess the iconic Xbox logo of glowing white circle with black x in the middle.

Microsoft is developing a Xbox one controller which can work with OC without the use of wires but it will take some time to emerge for public usage. By following the Below Mentioned simple process users can easily play their favourite games on the PC through an Xbox controller.

Things Required For Using Xbox Controller With PC

First of all users have to ensure that they possess these basic things in hand in order to play games via an Xbox one controller. Users will require a Micro-USB cable, a sound internet connection which will be used for downloading drivers and an Xbox one controller.

Steps To Use Xbox Controller With PC

This process is rather simple and straightforward wherein the users will be required to follow just two steps.

Step 1: Installing Of Requisite Drivers

Start your computer and once the home screen appears in front of you then connect it with the internet. Users will be required to download and install the drivers’ packages on their computers. Ensure that you download the right package as per the version of the Windows running on your system.

Usually the drivers of the Windows 32bit and 64bit differs a lot from each other, downloading and installing wrong PC drivers will not be useful in any manner.

Step 2: Connect Te Controller

Once the drivers are successfully installed, users should use the Micro-USB cable for connecting the Xbox one controller with the computer. On successfully connecting with the computer, Xbox one controller is expected to vibrate, if it doesn’t then you will be required use another Micro-USB cable or even a different USB port present on the computer. Now you are all set to play the games in your PC with style and more freedom.

A Few Word On Using Same Xbox One Controller With Xbox Console

It should be noted that when a user starts using the Xbox one controller with PC it doesn’t work with the Xbox console at once. Using will be required to re-sync the controller to the console which can be done by holding the wireless sync buttons on the controller and console at the same time. Or it can be done by attaching the controller back to the console via Micro-USB cable as before. Once these steps are successfully initiated you can use the same Xbox controller for playing games on both the PC and consoles.



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