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Telegram: The Best Messaging Service You’re Probably Not Using

Written by prodigitalweb


In all over world more than 75 per cent users are using smartphones and for each OS they have their favorite cross platform chatting applications such as; iMessage, Viber, Hike, Whats App and more. Apart from OS platforms there are few companies which have their own chatting application such as; iMessage for Apple and ChatOn for Samsung devices.

According to experts, iMessage is one of the best chatting application, but its wok within Apple’s ecosystem. If you are Apple user, so soon you will feel the need to test third party messaging app and in that case you can think about Google’s Hangout app, but there is no Hangout app for PC or Mac, unless you are accessing it though Gmail or Chrome plug-in.

Google’s Hangout app has best and cutest stickers for corporate or business uses. But still Whats App is the market leader when it comes to messaging as it has more than 700 active users. The reason behind the fame of Whats App is its simplicity as there are no user agreements to read and no accounts to sign up for. To use Whats App all you need to register your mobile number.

But sometimes you will find this simplicity the cause of frustration because without account sign-ups you are limited to use Whats App on single device, however; recently they have introduced a web app, but every time it’s neither possible nor convenient to open browser to use Whats App web app. If you are looking for native support, so soon you will realize that Whats App is not for you.

Telegram is an instant messaging application, which focus on the privacy and available for multi-platform such as; desktop systems (Windows, OS X, Mac, Linux) and mobile (Android, Windows Phone, iOS). To use Telegram you need to have an account through which you will be able to sign-in on multiple devices across Windows, Android, Mac, Linux, iOS and the web.

On each device you can protect your account with passcode and remotely you can wipe your messages as it has some unique features such as; self-destructing messages or photos, audio message support and more. Running by German based nonprofit organization and backed by Pavel Durov, an entrepreneur and philanthropist it is open-source software, which is available from independent developers for the use Telegram API. There are bunch of features and function which make it different from other chatting applications and few are following;

    • You can turn on or off notifications as per chat.
    • Pasted links will show the preview of web pages.
    • It supports audio messages.
    • Group chat will allow you to add up-to 200 people.
    • Transfer of file up-to 1.5 gb.
    • You can send self-destructing messages or photos.
    • Every update will bring new features.

No doubt, if you are thinking to use Telegram to follow your friends and family, so it can be the best messaging app with its unique features and functions.


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