Magmo Pro Voice Recorder

Magmo Pro Voice Recorder
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Magmo is actually a call recorder that can be attached to the back of the smartphone magnetically. The device supports iPhones. However, a magnetic ring can be used to use this device for other mobiles. Once you attach the Magmo Pro voice recorder to the phone’s backside, it enables you to record your phone call. And to do so, you have to flip the switch up which is located on your device’s front. Then, your task is to flip it back down in order to end the recording.

You can see that the audio files are getting saved automatically onto the device. Then, you are capable of downloading the files on your laptop. This recorder uses Piezo, a sensor that can capture the transferred vibrations through your phone rather than using a classic microphone. Thus, it lets you record the call. Also, it is capable of suppressing the surrounding noise. Once you charge the device completely, you can use it continuously for up to seven hours. It is able to hold up to 32GB of data. Let’s dig into the article to learn more about Magmo Pro Voice Recorder.

Awesome Features of Magmo Pro Voice Recorder:


The design of this device is done in a way that can help to simplify the process of call recording. Also while designing the device; the aim of the manufacturers was to build a visually appealing device. This recorder provides an excellent recording experience with an elegant design & user-friendly software. The presence of achromatic colors and the power button makes sure that you can easily use it with your phone.


Because of the presence of an auto-recording function, you do not need to manually activate this. It is able to capture both incoming & outgoing calls automatically. You can save your important call once you enable the auto-recording mode in the app. For personal or professional uses, you should definitely use this feature.

AI Speech-to-text Transcription:

This recorder’s speech-to-text feature, which is AI-powered, can easily transcribe & unlock the power of your recorded conversations. Now, there will not be any manual typing. So, you can easily get rid of such tedious processes. It can save your precious time. So, you can quickly search, analyze & share the content of any kind of business discussion, interview & private calls.

No Extra Fees And Subscription


You need to buy this recorder only one-time and don’t need to pay any subscription fee or any ad. It enables you to record countless calls, and you do not have to worry about any extra cost or interruption.

Noise Cancelling:

Regarding call recordings, the MEMS microphones with noise-canceling features are placed strategically so that these can offer optimal sound quality. While these microphones are positioned on every corner, they are able to provide comprehensive coverage, and are also capable of capturing sound accurately. Audio levels can be balanced using the microphones’ varying gains. Also, these prevent any kind of disturbance or distortion. This device is able to create top-quality recordings, which you can play easily.

Battery Capacity of Magmo Pro Voice Recorder:

The battery of this device is upgraded to 500 mAh from 280 mAh. So, you can experience a seamless call recording. This enhanced battery capacity allows you to record calls for a long time and you will not face any disturbance. For professionals who mainly depend on mobiles for interviews or business calls, this is an ideal device.

Instant Playback On iPhone:

As soon as the recording ends, it will be automatically saved in the storage of your device. Accessing this immediately is possible within the app. With the help of the playback feature, you are capable of adjusting the speed up to two times. In addition, you can organize the recordings as you want. Locating specific recordings becomes very easy because of automatic naming, which will be done based on the time of the call, date, and caller ID.

No Personal Data Collection:

While using this device, you don’t need to worry about whether your privacy & personal information that you have on this device remain secure or not. Because the device ensures that your data will remain protected and not be tracked and stored somewhere. You can make sure that no one can access your data. The recorder offers a trustworthy solution that you can use to record your phone calls.

Secure & Durable:

The recorder protects your file from external hacking threats. Hence, durable plastic is used to manufacture this device. And the plastic is able to tolerate the excess heat & moisture.

One Button Recording:

Its recording button is located at the tip of your index finger. Besides, this one is simple to access. In order to start the recording, you have to slide up the button. And if you want to end the recording, you have to slide this backdown. Thus, you can see your files saved automatically. The design of the recorder is done while keeping simplicity in mind & following the modern and minimalistic aesthetic.

Built For Phone Calls:

The main purpose of its design is to focus completely on recording the call & not the surround sound. Because of the magnetic compatibility, the device is easy to use. So, if you want to get high-quality voice recording, you should use the Magmo Pro Voice recorder.

Everyday With Magmo Pro Voice Recorder:

Recording any phone calls is possible using a Magmo recorder. From getting the chance to record the voices of those who are close to your heart, you can also record essential business calls using the Magmo Pro voice recorder.

Just Snap-It On:

With the help of the magnetic call recording device, you can attach it to the mobile’s back. Due to its sleek design, it can easily be attached to the MagSafe-compatible iPhone. Therefore, you don’t need to undergo any complicated setup. Along with top-quality recordings, you can enjoy a stable grip. If you use a non-Apple phone, you can experience a benefit by using a MagSafe sticker ring or case.

Quick & Direct Recording:

If you are willing to record a call, you have to flip up the switch. After that, the device will start recording instantly.

High-Quality Phone Call Recordings:

Piezo is able to capture the vibrations of your phone rather than using a microphone. Hence, it is recommended to set the volume to at least medium level during calls, as touching the device when you use it, can result in that touch being recorded like background noise.

Sleek & Stylish:

The clean & trendy design of the iPhone inspired the developers to develop the Magmo recorder, keeping the same idea in mind.


When you use the device, you will not need any internet connection. You only have to use a Lightning Male to USB Female Adapter OTG Cord Cable using which you can connect the recorder to the phone or PC. Thus, you can access all recordings instantly.

Compatibility Of Magmo Pro Voice Recorder:

This recorder supports iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro Max, iPhone 13, etc. Also, the device is compatible with iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and iPhone 12 mini. If you use a model that is not mentioned above, you have to use a ring sticker or a MagSafe case or ring sticker.

Optimized For Phone Calls:

Your calling experience will be better with the top-quality features of this recorder. It comes with three microphones, which let you capture sound from all directions. It makes sure that you will get the recording of every voice with exceptional quality.

Caller ID, date, and time:

Once you connect the recorder to the mobile via Bluetooth, you are able to locate specific recordings. And you do not have to sift through a long list of files.

Inside Magmo Pro Voice Recorder:

The real-time noise reduction technology assures that you can have a clear recording. Therefore, the device becomes perfect for capturing calls in any kind of environment. Also, it can meet any professional recording need.

How To Use Magmo Pro Voice Recorder:

These are the two modes through which you can use Magmo Pro Voice Recorder.

Auto-Recording Mode:

#Step 1: You can answer an incoming call, or you are also capable of making an outgoing call.

Step 2: You need to answer the call. Then, the recorder starts recording automatically.

Step 3: Now, you can see that your file is getting saved automatically in the device & also in the app.

Manual Recording Mode:

#Step 1: First, you need to answer an incoming call, or you can make an outgoing call.

Step 2: Once you power on the switch, Magmo will start the process of recording.

Step 3: Finally, you have to power off the switch. Then, you can see that the file will be saved on your device.

Pricing And Shipping Of Magmo Pro Voice Recorder:

The recorder initially costs $109. The device is available now for shipping across the world through their trusted fulfilment partners, including Amazon for the US.

The Bottom Line:

Magmo Pro voice recorder is equipped with several features, including auto-recording, a supporting app, AI speech-to-text transcription, etc, that we have mentioned in this article. The device is designed to improve the experience of iPhone users, and seamlessly integrate with iPhones via MagSafe. In order to elevate call recordings, this recorder comes with many advanced features, which makes the device suitable for professionals, such as journalists, attorneys, and for those who want to record calls easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do you use the Magmo call recorder?

When you connect the recorder to the back of your mobile, it enables you to record phone calls. Hence, you have to flip the switch up, which is located on the device’s front to begin recording, whereas to end the recording, you have to flip it back down.

  • Can you use Magmo Pro if you use a phone case?

It supports MagSafe cases. However, it is not guaranteed whether Magmo Pro will be compatible with non-MagSafe cases or not, as the materials can vary depending on the manufacturer. So, you need to apply a MagSafe sticker on the back of the case to use Magmo Pro with non-MagSafe cases.

  • Will Magmo Pro be compatible with iPhone 15 and future iPhones as well?

It can’t be guaranteed whether the recorder will support future iPhones or not. However, the magnet location of the device is designed in order to align with Apple’s MagSafe Accessory Guidelines. So, as long as Apple will adhere to their guidelines, we can expect the continued compatibility of this device with future iPhone models.


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