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Watch: 11 extraordinary watches as a gift idea

Written by Andy Prosper

In times of smartphones and smart wristwatches, many people probably consider conventional superfluous watch. Nevertheless, they still exist in innumerable variations. From totally outlandish ideas to more classic designs with a twist, everything is there. In this post, we want to introduce you to eleven special watches that may even convince one or the other to resort to a non-smart watch again. Also, as a gift idea, these copies are of course ideally suited.

Sweet alarm clock in owl form from FiBiSonic

The alarm clock from FibiSonic stands out above all for its sweet design. This makes it ideal as a gift for children or young adults. Of course, all the important functions of an alarm clock like a wake-up sound, a snooze function and a night light are on board. In addition, the alarm clock is designed so that it almost makes no ticking, making it ideal for the bedroom. The use of walnut or birch wood for the production completes the whole package. There is also the alarm clock in the form of a cat’s head and in a classic, round shape.

Deliquescent clock in the style of Salvador Dali

This watch looks as if it originated directly from Salvador Dalí’s painting “The Consistency of Remembrance”. Thus, it makes ideal in the apartment of every lover of the painter or admirer of Surrealism. It can simply be hung on the edge of a shelf or other storage facility, reminiscent of the famous painting. The clock is a real bargain, only about 11 euros must lay interest in the original clock.

Stylish alarm clock in wood optics by kwmobile

Minimalist design and yet or just for that reason an absolute eye-catcher: the alarm clock in wood optics by kwmobile. In addition to the time, this even indicates the temperature. In addition, this alarm clock is smarter than most of its conspecifics. For the set alarm there is a weekday and weekend function, so that one wakes each day reliable, whether under the week or at the weekend. The power supply takes place either directly via the socket or by battery. The smart alarm clock is also available in other colors and in a very stylish version in marble look.

Wrist watch with different colored LEDs showing the time

You want to be able to read the time with a glance at the wrist watch? Then this watch is definitely not for you. But it is perfect for anyone who wants to strain his brain when looking at the clock a little. Where the dial is on a regular clock, only LEDs in red, green and yellow are shown here. These LEDs each have a different meaning; the red lights stand for the number of hours, the yellow ones for five minutes and the green ones for one minute each. Thus, when reading the time so you always have to do a small Mental arithmetic exercise, so the clock is certainly not suitable for everyone but stands out even more as an extraordinary gadget.

Handcrafted wooden clock with minimalist dial

In contrast to the previous wristwatch, this clock by Holzwerk is kept very minimalist. The dial is completely made of wood, only 12 holes for the time display are incorporated. The red dot, which can be seen behind the holes, indicates the minutes, the black ones the hours. The simple design of the dial is complemented by the wooden case combined with the leather strap. Since the watch is made of the natural product wood, no copy is the same as the other, which makes every single watch unique.

Elegant wall clock that displays 24 hours instead of 12 hours

What looks like a normal wall clock at first glance, could confuse the user a bit on closer inspection. Because the clock face of this clock does not show as usual twelve hours, but whole 24 hours, so a complete day. If you want to read the time as quickly and correctly as possible, you have to get used to it. However, the chic watch certainly causes a sensation among friends and family. Those who prefer a similar model to a wristwatch should also take a look at Jean Constantine’s 24-hour wristwatch, which we recently introduced to you.

Wall clock with 3D gears in retro style

This watch sets itself apart from other wall clocks thanks to its exceptional design. The Roman numerals in combination with 3D gears give the impression that the clock could come from a past century. Nevertheless, inside a particularly quiet Quartz clockwork, which ensures an almost silent operation and an accurate time display. The model is also available in numerous variations with other retro designs, all of which look very authentic and enhance any living room.

Designer wall clock for math geniuses and mental professionals

Again, this is one thing you need to think about to find out the current time. Instead of the usual numbers from 1 to 12, calculation formulas are attached to this clock, the result of which corresponds to the corresponding number. As most people probably will not know what to do twice (4.5 / 3), reading the time will take a while. Anyone who is particularly smart, but of course knows even without mental arithmetic, where which number must be and therefore has no problems even with this clock to read the current time.

Qlocktwo Classic Black Ice Tea: Read Designer Watch at the moment

In contrast to all other watches presented here, you do not have to do any complicated calculations for this particular item, nor do you have to deal with conventional clock hands. Because you can literally read the time in the truest sense of the word, for example, “five to five”, as in the example picture. Of course you do not have to do without accuracy, because although the actual time display only jumps every five minutes, the glowing dots in the corners indicate the individual minutes. On the product image, it would therefore be one minute to five. This watch is certainly the eye-catcher in every room. However, because it is a designer watch, it is also priced in a very high region.

eone Bradley: unique wristwatch (also) for the blind

This wristwatch in timeless design does not rely on clock hands as usual to read the time, but on small balls that are stored in two grooves. The ball in the groove on the side of the clock indicates the number of hours and the ball on the front indicates the minutes. Thus, one can feel the time without problems in the dark on the basis of magnetism held balls.

A triangular marker for twelve o’clock and elongated markings for three, six and nine o’clock, make it even easier to feel. As a result, this watch is of course also ideal for blind people. With prices between 269 euros and 369 euros, it is certainly not a bargain, in return, however, offers the highest quality paired with timeless design. Here we have the clock a complete article threaded.

Do-It-Yourself wall clock for hobby home improvement

Last but not least, we want to introduce you to a wall clock whose installation hobbyists will get their money’s worth. The clock set consists of the two hands and the twelve numbers to indicate the time, but the components are dimensioned slightly larger, so that the clock can cover a whole wall at the end. The components of the watch are individually mounted on the wall, with a minimum of precision required for the final result to be satisfactory. Once this hurdle has been overcome, but you have a smart watch, which will certainly attract one or the other view.

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