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Google Doodle Games

Google Doodle Games
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Google Doodles refer to the temporary changes made to the logo on the homepage of Google which can commemorate holidays, anniversaries, etc. Besides, it commemorates the lives of renowned artists, pioneers, and scientists. The changes have a Google logo that illustrates the events, fun animations, video clips, and even Google Doodle games.

In this regard, you should know that the popular Google Doodle games are available on the homepage for special occasions. The company also archives old games on its Google Doodles page. So, browsing the Google Doodle archive page allows you to look for both old & new Doodle Games on Google and play them. This article tells you about the best Google Doodle games, such as Pac-Man, Rubik’s Cube, Cricket, programming games for kids, etc.

What is Google Doodle?

Google Doodle refers to a temporary logo alteration on the company’s homepage to commemorate events, popular holidays, achievements, and famous historical figures.

You should know in this case that the 1998 edition of the long-running annual Burning Man event in Black Rock City, Nevada was honoured by the first Google Doodle. The co-founder Larry Page and Sergey Brin designed it. The main intention behind it was to inform the users regarding the absence if the servers crashed.

Then, Susan Wojcicki spearheaded subsequent Doodles along with an alien who landed on Google and extra custom logos for major holidays. An outside contractor designed Google Doodles until 2000. Then, Page and Brin asked Dennis Hwang to design a logo for Bastille Day. After that, a team of employees published the Doodles.

It celebrates multiple famous events and holidays along with the artists and scientists on their birthdays. However, the launching of Google Maps coincided with the featuring of Lowell’s logo design. People use these doodles to depict big events at Google like the company’s anniversary. Another topic of these doodles to discuss is the celebration of historic events. Remember that a few doodles are limited to home pages that are specific to the country while other doodles appear globally.

Common themes:

The company celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday first with a Doodle in 1998. So, different events, holidays, etc., have recurred annually, including the following:

  • Gregorian New Year (2000–present)
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (2003; 2006–present)
  • Lunar New Year (2001; 2003–present)
  • Valentine’s Day (2000–present; partial exception during specific Olympic years)
  • International Women’s Day (2005; 2009–present)
  • Saint Patrick’s Day (2000–2021)
  • Earth Day (2001–present)
  • Mother’s Day (2000–present)
  • Father’s Day (2000–present)
  • Juneteenth (2020–present)
  • S. Independence Day (2000–present)
  • Bastille Day (2000–present)
  • German Unity Day (2002–2003; 2006–2008; 2010–present)
  • Swiss National Day (2001–2015; 2016–present)
  • Olympic Games (2000–present; partial exception in 2014)[14]
  • Holi (2001–present; intermittently)
  • Halloween (1999–present)
  • Hinamatsuri (2009–2012; 2014–present)
  • International Men’s Day (2022–present)
  • S. Thanksgiving Day (1998–present)
  • Christmas Day (1999–present)[a]
  • New Year’s Eve (2011–present)

Games are easy to play, and fun providing, due to which these are the best complement to Google doodles. You can access them easily through Google Search. These are the best places for hanging out if you feel bored on workdays. Are you in need of some Google Doodle games that are simple to access? Then, have a look at these best doodle games.

Best Google Doodle Games:

A few Google doodles are interactive games that you can play on its homepage directly, and we know them as Google Doodle Games. You should know that these are available for a limited time only. Users can experience an excellent combination of art, education, and entertainment playing these games. For example, Pac-Man is a classic arcade game, whereas World Cup Soccer Quiz is an example of an educational game.


It is an iconic video game that has been famous for a long time. While Namco developed the game first, it was released in Japan first in 1980. Pac-man became famous and one of the most renowned games of that time. Hence, the gamer must eat all the dots in the maze and avoid ghosts. Eating dots allows the player to score. When he scores higher, it becomes more difficult for him to survive. The game is simple to play – no matter how old are you Or how much experience you have. It is possible to play Google doodle PacMan on mobile and desktop.

Pony Express:

This one is a racing game, depending on the real-life Pony Express. It represents a mail delivery service that operated in the US from 1860 to 1861. Collecting mail and reaching the end line is the target of the game. As a player, you can find many obstacles stopping you, like rivers, rocks, houses, thrones, etc.


It is the next game on the list. This was presented as part of the ICC Champions Trophy 2017. This Google Doodle cricket game is very interesting and simple to play. The game includes a single button that you need to tap to hit the ball. You can see the grasshoppers on the batting side and the field of slugs on the ground. What makes the game interesting is that gamers can hit the ball in the direction they want. It is an outstanding game that you can play on mobile and desktop.


Some users love to play soccer games. If you are one of those, then Soccer 2012 is the one for you. The game was designed on the occasion of the 2012 soccer world cup. Gamers can play it as a goalkeeper. Hence, they need to stop the goals. It is possible to use a mouse or a keyboard to control the player when you are using a desktop. If you are using a mobile, you need to swipe to control the player in the Google Doodle soccer game.


Many people love to play this game where you must throw balls through the net in 24 seconds. If you are using a desktop, it is possible to use the space bar or the mouse button. Thus, you can manage the pressure & throw the ball into the net. This game is very easy to play and can provide the players a lot of fun.

Coding for Carrots:

This game is developed to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Kid’s Coding. You get to know about the fundamental coding principles from the game. Besides, it lets you drag & drop blocks so that the rabbit can eat carrots. It mainly displays the Logo programming language. Seymour Papert and researchers developed this language at MIT to teach kids how to program. While the game is fun-providing, it mainly helps kids to acquire programming skills.

Champion Island Games:

Another game you can find in Island Games launched to celebrate the Doodle Champion Island Games (August 31) is Champion Island Games. When you play the game, you need to play the role of a cat protagonist who enters Champion Island. You can compete with seven various sports champions on the island. Users will be glad to know that the game is challenging from the beginning. After coming to the island, it is possible to explore the entire spot & compete in the game you prefer. You get a crown when you beat other players on the island.

Hip Hop:

It is developed to celebrate the 44th anniversary of the birth of hip-hop. The game is for those people who prefer DJ & love playing a role like it. You can find different vibes and music in this game from the beginning. It has two famous records where the crossfader can mix the beats, choose different tracks, etc. Above all, we can say that the game can give you fun when you need a little break from work.

Base Ball:

It was 4th july, 2019 when Google developed it for the US Independence Day celebration with a backyard barbecue game. Like traditional baseball, you need to hit the ball out of the park to score runs. It is an easy to play and fun providing game where you can find the players’ names, along with their favorite American foods. Baseball is the best stress reliever for those who want to take a break from their daily routine.

Cut Pizza:

People who prefer to cut the pizza into equal pieces must play the game. Do you want to know how someone can prefer a game where they need to cut the pizza into different parts? Then, read the following.

So, to celebrate pizza for being a part of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, the game was developed. While it is fun providing, it is challenging, too, at the same time. Hence, you need to cut the pizza into pieces and meet the requirements. You can play the game on smartphones and PCs.


You must try this challenging game that is also fun providing. Hence, if a player is playing the game, the game’s target is to cross the finish line as fast as possible. Players can hit the side arrow keys to run more quickly. If you want to jump over hurdles, hit the spacebar.

Remember that using the two functions may seem challenging for you. However, you will get used to it. Once you hit a hurdle, the speed of the player will decrease. People who want a challenge between the time gaps in their work routine should go with it.


It was developed to celebrate the 151st birthday of Wilbur Scoville. This one is an interesting doodle game to play. Hence, the target of the game is very simple. You will experience an ice cream fight with various peppers. It needs to defeat them to eliminate the pepper’s spiciness. You can see a bar at the bottom where a middle line is marked.

A circle moves from left to right with the help of the spacebar. Players must stop the circle in the centre or near the middle portion for defeating the peppers. Once you stop it successfully, the ice figure will throw ice toward the bell pepper. If you want to defeat bell pepper, you must make three successful attempts. As a result, the ice becomes the winner. A pharmacist named Scoville developed a process to measure the heat or “hotness” of chilli peppers. Google doodle made this to commemorate his 151st birthday. Both mobile and PC users can play the Scoville Google doodle game.


It is a Mexican card game where you can celebrate the traditional Mexican card game. Hence, you should find the same card on the board and then place the bean within the given time. You can see a separate box in the upper right corner where the beans pattern is available. In every round, the pattern changes to make the game more interesting. After filling in the matching pattern, you should tap on the Loteria text on the right side. If you want to be the champion, you should fill the pattern first and call out Loteria Google doodle. What makes the game more special is its multiplayer support. While you are capable of playing randomly with players around the world, you can share an invitation link to play with your friends.

Slalom Canoe:

If you love to play boat racing games, you must try this one. It was August 9, 2012, from when the game was available on Google Doodle for celebrating Slalom Canoe 2012. If you want to win the game, you must reach the finish line as quickly as possible. Hence, passing through the track gates and moving the boat is essential. Two side arrow keys allow you to move faster, whereas the up & down arrow keys let you control the boat’s direction. If you are playing the game for the first time, it may seem difficult for you. But after a few attempts, you can get a good score.

Pangolin Love:

It was made to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2017. Hence, gamers need to collect nuts to bake a cake for a pangolin friend. Pangolin is willing to collect nuts, and the story starts with this. After it is over, you should begin to play the game. Hence, you can see the pangolin turning into a ball like the rolling ball game. It is possible to move this to collect nuts and end the row.

Magic Cat Academy:

It is one of the interesting games launched on Halloween 2020. Defeating ghosts is the goal of Magic Cat Academy. This game begins with a background story in which you will be taken underwater. When a group of ghosts attack, you need to draw the shape of the ghost’s head using the mouse to kill them. It is a very challenging game, but you will have fun while playing it.

Quick, Draw!

This one stands out from other Google Doodle games mentioned in this article. This game is developed using ML or machine learning technology. In this game, you have to draw, and then a neural network will guess what you are drawing. The game can ask you to draw objects or shapes, which you can easily do using the mouse. As soon as the artificial intelligence identifies the shape in real-time, it will inform you what it has identified. Remember that you have twenty seconds only to solve it.

Rubik’s Cube:

Google launched the game in 2014 to mark the toy’s 40th anniversary. You should know that this one is an interactive version of Rubik’s Cube. With the help of the mouse or keyboard, you can control Rubik’s game easily. However, the original Rubik’s Google doodle is not unavailable currently. However, when you try to access it, you may experience an error or find the Google Chrome Cube Lab which is a special page containing multiple Rubik’s Cube games.

Doctor Who:

It was launched to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who. Hence, you should avoid obstacles to reach the end. Before you start playing this interactive game, you can select a character from the different doctor characters. After choosing the character, you will be directed to a location where you need to help the character to reach the goal.

Bubble tea:

We know that Taiwan’s bubble drink is gaining fame day by day. Bubble Tea is a game that caught our attention. The game’s target is to prepare a perfect cup of bubble tea needed by “a group of famous doodle characters.” You should prepare the perfect cup of tea in this game.

Jerry Lawson Game:

It is the last game in our list.This special doodle game was created for honouring the memory of Gerald “Jerry” Lawson who is the lead inventor of video games. For each new occasion, Google adds new Doodle games. It is possible to check out all new games on the official Google Doodle page.

What are the Best Google Doodle Sports Games?

We have given here the names of the six best Google Doodle Sports Games here.

  • Cricket- Celebrating the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy.
  • Soccer- Released in 2012
  • Basketball- Part of the 2012 Summer Games
  • Hurdles- Part of the 2012 Summer Games
  • Slalom Canoe- Part of the 2012 Summer Games
  • Baseball- Published in 2019 to celebrate the fourth of July.


If you want to find the latest Google Doodle Games, you should visit the homepage. Thus, you can find the most current Google Doodle. Alternatively, the company has a special page containing all Google Doodle collections.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long does it usually take to finish a Google Doodle?

This game’s duration relies on the game’s type and how you play it. Mostly, users play these games in multiple variations. You can finish a few games even within just an hour.

Do you need to download Google Doodle games?

There is no need to download Google Doodle games as you can play from the web browser directly.

Where can you find more Google Doodle Games?

The company keeps all the Google Doodle collections on a specific page. If you want, you can visit the Google Doodle page.



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