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19 Best Discord Music Bots of 2023

19 Best Discord Music Bots
Written by prodigitalweb

Discord is probably the name that comes first in our minds when we discuss famous chat services. It was launched in the Spring of 2015, and it was basically a gaming voice chat. However, nowadays, people use this instant messaging platform for gaming, working, etc. Do you know, you can add best discord music bots enjoy the music during your private chat?

It is possible to build a community in discord with several features. Discord offers free text, voice, and video chat. Besides, it allows you to stream your screen. What makes Discord exceptional is it can add discord bots to automate many processes and tasks. You can get an enhanced user experience using discord. People always prefer using discord because it lets them play & listen to music in the background even when they continue chatting with their friends. It is possible to use start, stop, or pause commands for songs you are listening to. Let’s check out the discord music bots that still work.

What are Discord Music Bots?

These bots indicate the third-party services which join the server and feature discord that doesn’t. You can use the bots for moderation, like banning, muting, kicking rule breakers, playing fun mini-games, etc. These can join the voice channel and play the music that you want to play.

How to Add Music Bots to Your Discord Server?

If you want to add the bots to your server, these are the things that you need to do:

  • Your first task is to head toward the bot’s website.
  • Then, your task is to tap on “Add to Discord.”
  • Next, your job is to log in with the Discord account. Then, your job is to select the server to which you will add the bot.
  • Then, you should accept the permissions to function normally. Ensure that you have Administrator or Manage Server permission for adding bots to a server.

How do Music Bots Work?

With the help of these bots, you can play music when you use Discord. Therefore, it allows you to listen to your favorite music and tracks during the chat sessions with the community. The Bot, in this case, pulls music from different streaming platforms and plays this for you through Discord.

You can find discord music bots banned sometimes when these are removed from Discord. Groovy bot was taken down by YouTube as it violated their copyright policy by using songs from YouTube. Famous music bots Groovy and Rythm have been forced offline as these violate the third party terms of services of commercialization of YouTube and profit.

You can see discord music bots shutting down like Groovy on Aug. 30 whereas Rythm bot is shut down on Sep. 15. Groovy has more than 250 million users and Rythm bot has an estimated 560 million users.

19 Best Discord Music Bots:

This article has given the best music bots, which are good alternatives to your favorites.

Hydra Music Bot:

It can provide customization options, a commands list, multilingual language support, etc. Selecting the premium lets you get global volume control, autoplay, audio effects, 24/7 playback, unlimited saved playlists, etc. Languages that the bot can offer are English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Russian, and Polish. Making a unique song request channel is possible when you set up the bot. Remember that hydra, one of the best working discord music bots, and it is very simple to use. Therefore, you can use this as a Groovy alternative.

Jockie Music:

It lets you play music from Youtube, Spotify, Soundcloud, and Apple Music. In addition, it has a few simple commands which you can follow. For instance, if you want to listen to songs from a Youtube or Spotify playlist, your task is to join a voice channel. Then, you must type m! play, followed by the playlist link. If you are willing to skip a song, type m!skip. After that, your job is to set up the bot features, and you can do this by typing m!setup.

If you are willing to trigger the Jockie bot, your task is to use the prefix “m!play” followed by the music keyword or a direct link to music. Some cool audio effects that Jockie Music offers are bass boost, karaoke, 8D, tremolo, distortion, and echo. It is a perfect music player for servers with multiple users.


It can provide a lot for Discord users, like moderation, custom commands, reaction roles, etc. Like other famous bots, more than 14 million servers use this bot. It can be considered the best moderation and music bots. This intuitive bot which is stable allows the user to listen to music from their discord itself.

The bot is compatible with music from SoundCloud, YouTube, Twitch, etc. Unlike other bots, the bot lets you drag & drop to rearrange songs. This bot allows the user to click pause, play, and skip music rather than writing commands. You should know that the feature belongs to the premium plan. It has extra features like Volume Boost, voting for favorite songs, nonstop playback, etc.

If any specific content creator begins a stream or makes new content on Twitch or Youtube, it will be notified through this bot. It is possible to use the leveling system. Moreover, you can level up this quickly to get special rewards.


This is one of the easiest Discord music bots, and it does more than only music. It is possible to use ChampBot to check user activity. In addition, you can see a table of the active users on the server, find past avatars, find past names, and play games like Akinator, Trivia, Casino games, etc.

The bot is very basic, if it comes to talk about music. It does the usual stuff, such as finding and playing a song, adding songs to a queue, showing the current playing song, etc. People who are looking for a multipurpose bot can use this one. However, if you need a bot only for music purposes, then you should check other discord music bots in the list.


It is a good music bot through which you can stream songs from Spotify. With the help of this bot, it is possible to find songs directly on Spotify and play them. Aiode is compatible with other music sources like YouTube and Soundcloud. The bot lets you make custom cross-platform playlists with songs from Spotify, YouTube, & Soundcloud. In addition, it allows you to customize the bot invoke command. Now it is possible to play Twitch streams in your voice channel directly if you want to watch them with your friends. This bot is available at free of cost.


This music bot is compatible with some different websites. People can use this bot to play music from YouTube, Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Twitch, etc. The bot doesn’t require you to use links. Users only have to input the song name to start playing the song.

When you create any playlist, it will play the next song automatically once the current one ends. Therefore, there is no need to play different songs manually every time. Sound quality makes the bot the best one.


It is considered one of the best discord music bots because of its high-quality music. This one is famous for its productivity and fun features. In addition, it is compatible with playing music in XHD (Extra HD) and Hi-Fi. If you prefer listening to high-quality music with family & friends, the top-quality playback will be very helpful for you. Like other bots, it lets you enjoy the benefits of the playlist by adding songs to a queue.

Chip Bot:

Using this bot, users can enjoy high-quality music. The premium subscribers can get several perks like bass boost, 8D filter, nightcore mode, etc. Moreover, the premium version of this bot will allow you to listen to music 24/7. In addition, you can listen to 8D music.

In the premium version, you can enjoy different features like Bass boost, Vocal boost, treble boost, and the ability to change volume and speed. It is the best Discord music-only bot that you should definitely add to the server.


This bot can offer different commands to play lofi beats. It has 99% uptime. Therefore, it is possible to relax with friends and enjoy without hassle.


With the help of this free and one of the top music bots, you can enjoy high-quality music playback in the discord server. It plays music from mainstream services such as Spotify and many more. If you want to add the bot, you need to invite it to your server. Do you have a premium subscription? Then, similar to Jockie, it is possible to add four instances of green-bot maximum.

If you are willing to use this, join a voice channel. Then, you should type *play music. You can replace music with other music keywords or a Spotify album/playlist link. You can get a command list in detail on the official Green-Bot website.


This bot is compatible with each music streaming service, such as YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, Twitter, Insta, Vimeo, etc. It can support two languages such as Arabic and English. In addition, it doesn’t consume much bandwidth for proper functioning. Besides, it can provide optimal audio quality. If you want to use the bot, use the prefix “!” or you need to mention the bot.

BMO Bot:

It is an excellent music bot that comes with a lot of features giving this a good rank in the list of discord music bots. Like MEE6, this bot not only allows you to play music, but also it is helpful in moderation, image search, utilities, starboard, etc. If it comes to talk about music-playing capabilities, the bot can do basic stuff like finding songs rather than using links, playing songs easily, and adding songs to a queue. But the drawback is you will not be able to make a playlist. As it is DMCA protected, it does not infringe on any copyrights. The bot is the best one for music because of its excellent music-playing functionalities and extra features.


It is another Discord music bot in our list that does more than only music. It can handle all that you require to make a perfect server. This bot enables you to stream music from YouTube. Hence, you only need to find the song name. Like other bots, playing, pausing, and adding songs to the queue is possible.

You can get moderation controls using which you can ban or mute members on your server. This bot is perfect for servers that have plenty of people. Making a custom-level system is also possible for your server. The bot is helpful if you are willing moderation controls with the music bot.


It has been in the market for quite long. This bot not only allows you to enjoy music, but also you can get a lot of fun stuff. It can be an excellent choice, if you want a bot offering high-quality audio.


This free multipurpose bot is used on more than 300,000 servers. It is possible to use the bot for moderation, to welcome or wish farewell to members, and to play music. Different commands can be used to control the tracks you are listening to.

Like Probot, it can provide moderation. This one is one of the best discord music bots which could be added to your server. With the help of the bot, you can send automatic greeting and farewell messages when a person joins or leaves your server. You can play back top-quality audio from Spotify, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, Twitch, and Vimeo. There is no lag, so you can use it while listening to music with your friends. Creating playback is also possible but only with the premium version.

24/7 – Discord Radio Bot:

Are you willing to listen to non-stop music on Discord? This bot can make the job done. While you can play radio stations or live streams using the bot, you can get many features in the premium version.


It can bring songs from the Spotify platform to the Discord channels. Besides, playing tracks from Soundcloud links and Twitch streams is possible. What makes the bot unique is that it is entirely free and is also open source. In addition, it comes with easy player commands. However, to enjoy more, you can use the customization options.

Lofi Radio:

With the help of this one of the top discord music bots, people can listen to their favorite songs whenever they want. It remains active on the server 24/7 and will stop when you say. While it offers high-quality audio, people will not experience any lag.


It can provide quick song loading, smooth playback, a clean interface, playlist support, etc. Users can set it up and run it themselves.


In this article, we have covered almost all Discord music bots which are possible to add to the server. Now, choose any of these bot that you prefer and enjoy listening to music with your friends & family.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Which is the best music bot for Discord?

The following are the best music bots for discord:-

  • Probot.
  • Rythm.
  • Octave.
  • FredBoat.
  • Vexera.
  • MEE6.
  • BMO

Can you get music bots on Discord?

Discord is a perfect platform for private chats and voice communication. Besides, it can support playing some tunes. Music Bots let you play music from sources like YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc.

What bots can play music on Discord?

These are the names of the best Discord Music Bots:-

  • Jockie Music.
  • Uzox.
  • Fredboat.
  • Hydra.
  • Chip.
  • Zandercraft.
  • BMO.
  • Vexera

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