Chromebook Plus with Gemini

Chromebook Plus with Gemini
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Google has recently offered its gaming and AI-based features to Chromebook Plus. Features like Help Me Write enable you to write like a pro. Besides, Magic Editor allows you to edit images in a snap, whereas you can use Gemini to supercharge your ideas. All these features will be available on Chromebook Plus laptops. Moreover, every Chromebook will have a new tool and Google integration. Let’s dig into the article to learn about the new features that will be available in Chromebook Plus With Gemini.

Chromebook Plus With Gemini and Other New Built-in Google AI Features:

The company introduced new Google AI features on these laptops. Google AI will help to get things done on the laptops more easily. These new features are as follows:

  • Help Me Write:

This feature brings the power of Google Artificial Intelligence to where you are going to write — it can be a review on a website or a PDF form. The only thing you need to do is right-click to get suggestions. In order to fit the audience, you can even change the tone. This feature will give a prompt to let you create text from scratch. If you want to make your writing more formal or rephrase it or are willing to make it shorter, then you are able to rewrite your existing text.

  • Generative AI wallpaper And Video Call Backgrounds:

You will be able to use these wallpapers and video call backgrounds that are built into the OS. Besides, the custom video call background feature supports any type of video conferencing app. Gemini AI will be available on the home screen so that users can connect with the chatbot immediately.

The company shared the AI-based feature on which it is working for the Chromebook Plus. There is a ‘Read With Gemini’ feature that can be used to summarize websites and PDFs with a single tap. Additionally, this feature allows you to ask follow-up questions.

  • Magic Editor On Google Photos:

This feature is exclusively available now on Chromebook Plus. You need to select an image that you are willing to edit in the Google Photos app. Then, you have to click the “Magic Editor” button to begin the process. You need to circle the object you are willing to edit, or you can tap on it. Then, you have to hold and drag the object to change its position. Now, resize the object by pinching it. In order to improve the background and lighting, you are able to use contextual suggestions.

More New Features For All Chromebooks:

Google is launching more new features to allow all Chromebooks to offer improved performance. These new features are as follows:

  • Simple Set-Up With Your Android Phone:

You can take the help of an assistant from your phone to set up a new Chromebook. As soon as you scan a QR code, your phone will share both Google account credentials and Wi-Fi credentials. Therefore, there will not be any hassles of remembering and entering long passwords. 

  • One-Click Access To Your Google Tasks:

The new in-built view of Google Tasks allows you to check off to-dos. You only need to click on the date in the home screen’s bottom right corner. It is possible to access your to-dos from across Google Workspace apps and devices. Once you have added a task from Gmail to your smartphone, you will be able to pick it up from your Chromebook. 

  • Seamless GIF Screen Recording:

The in-built screen capture tool enables you to choose to save screen recordings automatically in GIF format. Thus, you can make your own reaction GIFs or homemade demos. 

  • Uplevel Gaming With The New Game Dashboard:

With the help of Game Dashboard, you can ensure that your gaming experience will be controlled with new features. Mapping game controls is one of the features that allows you to play all phone games and map controls on the keyboard.

Chromebook Plus With Gemini:

Do you want to make a plan for your next holiday trip? Then, Gemini, which will be available on the home screen, can help you a lot. If you want to chat with Gemini, you have to click on the icon in your app shelf. Then, you can begin your planning, writing, and learning.

Google One AI Premium plan is now available for free to the new Chrome book Plus users for a year so that users can access Google’s excellent AI tools. This plan lets users access 2TB of storage, Gemini Advanced, and Gemini in your Slides, Gmail, Sheets, and Docs.

New and Upcoming Features:

Even if you do not have a Chrome book Plus, you do not need to be worried. Google is offering some new features for all Chromebooks.

  • Google’s task-management app is known as Google Tasks. Currently, it is integrated directly into ChromeOS’s system tray. Once you click on the date, you can see a Google Tasks widget with the help of which you can see the current activities. You can also clear the tasks or add a new task to the list.
  • The Project Gameface is an open-source accessibility tool for Android devices. The company announced the availability of this tool at its developer conference. Gamers can use their faces as a mouse with the help of this tool. Thus, they are able to control the cursor with face gestures and head movements. You can navigate ChromeOS with your head and face. Then, you can rotate your head in order to move the mouse so that you can exit browser tabs. After that, your job is to move the cursor to text boxes. Moreover, you are able to use voice to type. According to the company, this accessibility feature is expected to be available to Chromebooks soon.
  • A new Overview screen is expected to be there, letting you view those things you had open across your tabs, browser windows, and apps. Also, it gives suggestions for sharing content with other devices.

New PCs:

Here, we are going to mention the new laptops which are available now or will be available later. However, you should know that not all of them are Chrome book Plus models that are the only ones which are capable of taking advantage of the new Artificial Intelligence features.

  • Acer Chrome book Plus Spin 714. The starting price of this model is USD 749.99 in North America and EUR 979 in EMEA. Acer Chrome book Plus 516 GE. The starting price of this model is USD 699.99 in North America. Both models are expected to be available soon.
  • Asus Expertbook CX54 Chrome book Plus ($800)
  • Asus Chrome book CM3001DM2A ($300)
  • Asus Chrome book Plus CX34 ($499)
  • HP Chrome book 14 a ($249)
  • HP Chrome book Plus 14 ($449)
  • HP Chrome book Plus x360 ($499)

Existing Chrome book users will get automatic updates soon.

The Bottom Line:

Now you know about the new features that will be available in Chromebook Plus With Gemini. The Gemini is available as a stand-alone app that can be asked to do pretty much anything. However, you need to double-check the results to ensure that no hallucinations are there. Are you willing to tap into Google’s Gemini Advanced model? Then, you should know that Google is offering this model free for 1 year for new Chrome book Plus owners through the end of the year. So, you have some time to redeem the offer.

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